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Part I : Switchgears

Part II: Industrial Springs


Part I


 Forging Press Project with Triangle Aviation Technology




Xi’an Triangle Aviation Technology co., Ltd (hereinafter referred to as “Triangle Aviation”) is co-founded by Shaanxi Provincial Government, Xi’an Municipal Government, Xi’an Yanliang National Aviation Hi-tech Industrial base, Shaanxi Hongyuan Aviation Forging co., Ltd and Xi’an Sansen investment co., Ltd.

Triangle Aviation has built a 400MN aviation forging hydraulic press and a forging product line. The total investment of this project is 784 million yuan, and come into use at the latter half of 2012. This project is National “Eleventh Five-Year Technology Support Program”, as well as Shaanxi Key Construction Project of National Aviation Hi-tech Industrial Base. Shaanxi XDHI-T Medium and low Voltage Apparatus co., Ltd, support them with 10KV HV control cabinet (S1 electric chamber), DC panel (S11, S12 electric chamber), and DC panel (S1 electric chamber).

Customers’ requirement

10KV HV control cabinet (S1 electric chamber), DC panel (S11, S12 electric chamber), and DC panel (S1 electric chamber). Customers have technical requirements about the 10KV metal-enclosed switchgear on functional design, structure, installation and experiment, and all our products have met the National Standard, Industrial Standard, environmental requirement and electric requirement.





CB   cabinet


Cabinet   types

KYN(Gas Insulated Middle-Mounted Metal Clad &
Enclosed HV Electrical Switchgear)





Rated   Frequency (Hz)



Rated   current

a)Main   busbar rated current(A)


b)Main   busbar thermal stable current (effective value)

40kA    4s

c)Main   busbar dynamic stable current (peak)


d) Each circuit breaking short-circuit current   periodic component (effective value) and

Short   circuit current non-periodic component percentage when breaking

40kA                                ≥40%                                


Operating   voltage



Benchmark   insulation level

a)Impulse   withstand voltage (kV)


b)1min   power frequency withstand voltage



Grounding   busbar rated current(A)


Gross   weight (kg)



Dimensions   (W×D×H)mm

800*1500*2300                      1000*15000*2300


Protection   level


Products we offered must meet relative national standards and industrial standards:

GB3906-2006 3.6kV to 40.5kV Alternating-current metal-enclosed switchgear and control switchgear

GB3309-89 Mechanical test at ambient temperature for high-voltage switchgear

GB1984-89 High-voltage alternating-current circuit-breakers

GB11022-1999 Common specifications for high-voltage switchgear and control switch standards

GB311.1 Insulation Coordination of High Voltage (HV) Power Transmission and Transformation Equipment

GB763 Heating of A.C. high-voltage apparatus under long runs

(P.S. GB has an equivalent effect to IEC)

Operational conditions:

Extreme maximum temperature: 42.2℃       

Extreme minimum temperature-16.7℃

Mean annual temperature:13.4℃


Nominal voltage: 10kV

Voltage fluctuation: ±5%  

Power supply frequency: 50Hz

Power supply wiring: 3-phase 3-wire system, the system neutral point is an arc suppresion coil grounding system.


In the project, we strictly accord to user's requirements: all products strictly in accordance with the process execution and must undergo a rigorous factory acceptance test.


Part II

Cooperation with QINGAN GROUP CO.,LTD

QINGAN GROUP CO.,LTD is our main customer.

QINGAN GROUP CO.,LTD which is affiliated to Aviation Industry Corporation of China(AVIC) and established in Oct. 1955 is one of the largest airborne equipment development, manufacturing enterprise in China. It has two professional advantages: Airborne weapon device, aircraft control system(device). In 2007, it was awarded to special award of National Science and Technology Progress issued by the State Council.

QINGAN GROUP CO.,LTD is mainly responsible for airborne production development and manufacturing. Defense products include mechanical, hydraulic, pneumatic, electronic and electrical devices and control system; Civil aviation subcontract products: components and assemblies for flight control, power supply, wheel brake, landing gear systems. Non aviation fields: the development and production of various types of air conditioners and air compressors.

Our company got The Military Standard which is used to approve we can produce good quality military used elements. The Military Standard has a series of requirements and standards on the elements in order to ensure the good quality of the elements provided to aerospace and other military departments.

We have The Military Standard certificate, top test equipments and advanced manufacturing devices, we can ensure the industrial springs produced from our factory are qualified and satisfied, therefore, QINGAN GROUP CO.,LTD is willing to cooperate with us for a long time.