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Power Distribution Project in Zhongjing Square


In 2015, we signed contract with Xi’an Zhongjing Industrial Co.,ltd for Power distribution in Zhongjing Square Project.


Project: Power distribution in Zhongjing Square

Location: No.11 Tuan Jie Nan Lu Road, Hi-tech District, Xi’an City.


Customers’ requirement

(1) Establish a new 8900kVA + 2850KVA power system, including the power supply approved scheme, approval process, external network construction, cable laying, ring main units and infrastructure installation, the appropriate municipal gardens and green recovery procedures, providing relevant construction drawings issued by Design qualification company and approved by power supply department.

(2)14 sets of high-voltage switchgears, 1 DC cabinet, 57 sets of low-voltage switchgears, 6 transformers, busbar bridges and cable bridges, as well as external network high-voltage armored cables, 10kV ring main station are needed.

(3) Work includes basic manufacturing of equipment, grounding of power distribution room, lighting facilities installation, cable wiring and commissioning, equipment installation and commissioning, engineering and outside network test and acceptance, set value calculation, test and acceptance of related equipment, the whole project acceptance by the electricity sector and power supply, taking into account expenses, as well as high-voltage pen use, insulated gloves, insulated boots, protective helmets, high and low voltage megger, electroscope, accident lamp, insulated rod, block mouse plate, switching rule, wall siding system, etc needed during operation and maintenance of power distribution room. The project is a turnkey project.



KYN28A-12 Gas Insulated Middle-Mounted Metal Clad &Enclosed HV Electrical Switchgears

Switchgear consists of fixed and removable components. According to the function of electrical equipment cabinet, it can be divided into four different units: bus chamber, breaker chamber, cable chamber, low voltage chamber; on the top of the circuit breaker chamber, busbar chamber and cable chamber,  there is separate pressure relief device. When an internal electric arc fault occurred, the switchgear internal pressure will increase, the top mounted pressure relief metal plate will be automatically opened to release the pressure and excretion gas, which will ensure safety of operator and switchgear.


GCS-Type Low Voltage Withdrawable Electrical Control Switchgear

Switchgear structure should ensure staff safety, and easy to operate, maintain, inspect, monitor and test.

According to the modular design, the switch cabinet should work smoothly and in beautiful shape. The panel is cold-rolled steel using an electrostatic spray. Frames and panels should have sufficient mechanical strength and stiffness, should be able to withstand the mechanical and thermal stresses caused by installed components and short circuit. When the current is more than 1600A, t A, B, C, N bus cannot be in the same closed area  and the mounting beam and mounting plate is 304 stainless steel. And consider preventing large eddy current loss caused by the magnetic path.  The performance of the device should not be effected due to the hoisting equipment, transportation and other conditions.


10kV Ring main station

Operation place: Outdoor; (the user should provide civil foundation)

Casing protection level: IP33; The switchgear should have sufficient natural ventilation and cooling measures to ensure that under normal conditions, the temperature rise of all equipment does not exceed the predetermined value.

Casing material: 304 stainless steel, Electrostatic spraying anti-corrosion treatment;

The switchgear should have reliable sealing to prevent small animals from entering and leakage of rainwater.

Power supply plan: 2 incoming lines and 4 outgoing lines, SM6 ring main unit with electric operating mechanism. Install  PT in incoming cabinet and reserve RTU installation location; (See more details in drawings)



In program design, our company according to customer needs and specific circumstances has built a sound distribution system. The successful completion of this project offers us an opportunity to better enhance our ability in solution making that will enable us to understand customers need and meet customer requirements faster, better and more appropriate.