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Xi'an University of Posts & Telecommunications


Safe and reliable operation of the distribution system directly influence the power using during teaching and in household. Chang'an campus of  Xi’an University of Posts & Telecommunications capacity enhancing and renovation projects relates to the safety of power using in east area and west area of university , which directly affecting the normal teaching order. Thus prevent blackouts caused by insufficient power capacity has become the priority. XD HI-TECH, become the bid winner in this renovation project.



About XUPT 

Xi’an University of Posts & Telecommunications which was established by China's Ministry of Industry and Information Technology and Shaanxi government is located in historical city---Xi’an. It is one of the few important Universities of Posts & Telecommunications.

Project profile

This project includes infrastructure of power distribution room, equipment installation, wring, distribution switches installation and commissioning in Chang’an campus. 8000KVA capacity expansion project includes the examination, approval procedures and construction drawings issued by relevant departments, new equipment installation and commissioning, reformation of original system, connection of new and old systems and the reserved place for 4000KVA capacity project. This project is a turn-key one, for this reason, we choose our most experienced technical staff to team up and make a comprehensive and specific design project.

They bought KYN28A-12 Gas Insulated Middle-Mounted Metal Clad &Enclosed HV Electrical Switchgear and Blokset switchgears, cables and other related electrical equipment from us for this project.



Distribution project plays a vital role in the electricity field; it is close to people's daily life, production, communication, education and other aspects. So the safety and stability of distribution equipments has become an important factor. We improve our own level, and constantly refine and innovate, imitate the accidents may be happened during the daily life, production, communications, education and make appropriate preventive measures and solutions. XD HI-TECH is committed to innovation and strengthening our solid foundation in the distribution project. 

Project introduction

According to the drawings, distribution system uses incoming line and contact switch to connect the new system with the original system. There are two incoming lines and one contact bus.  

1. I incoming wire uses 10kV middle mounted switchgear whose breaking capacity is  1250A  and  uses three-winding transformers (measuring, metering, and protection);

2. Contact cabinet uses 10kV middle mounted switchgear whose breaking capacity is  1250A  and  uses three-winding transformers (measuring, metering, and protection);

3. II incoming wire is original one.