ABB UniGear Zs1 Gas Insulated Switchgear

1. Mode: ABB Unigear zs1
2. Voltage: 12kV-24kV
3. Custom switchgears can be provided.

Product Details

ABB UniGear ZS1 Air Insulation Metal-armoured Switchgear

1. Overview

UniGear ZS1 Switchgear includes single-bus cabinet, double-bus cabinet and double-deck cabinet. The characte-ristics are:

Complete product series: UniGear ZS1 complete series could afford various solutions and increase its operational efficiency. In addition, same accessories and spare parts can ensure the service and maintenance consistency of UniGear ZS1 series switchgears.

Flexible solutions: Various solutions can meet different customers’ requirements. For example, UniGear ZS1 can afford a series of solutions to operate under harsh environment (e.g. on board) to meet field installation and operation requirements. In addition, UniGear ZS1 single-bus cabinet, double-deck cabinet and UniGear ZVC can be assembled without any transfer cabinet, so it greatly increases the space utilization.

●Novel appearance, compact structure

●Withstand inner fault arc

●Al-Zn alloy plates, frames without welds

●Wall mounted or back-to-back installa-tion

●Installation, operation and maintenance in front of the cabinet

●Electrically/manually operate circuit breaker with door closed

●Perfect mechanical safe interlocks

●Easier maintenance and less workload

●High safety,UniGear ZS1 can afford perfect mechnical safety interlocks to avoid misoperation. UniGear ZS1 passes not only the type tests of Inter Electrotechnical Commission (IEC) standards and Chinese National Standards (CNS), but also the special tests specified by main Classification Societies.

●High reliability, UniGear ZS1 is developed on the basis of long operational experience of ABB me-dium-voltage switchgears, and obsorbs global customers’ requirements on medium-voltage switch-gears. It is a combination  of long operational expe-rience and creative technologies.

2. Cabinet Structure

Cabinet Structure

       1.Cabinet       2.Current Transformer

       3.Pressure relief channel

       4.Low-voltage compartment

       5.CB handcart chamber

       6.Cabe Chamber

3. Technical Parameters


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