Schneider WS-G12-40.5kV AC Metal Clad SF6 Insulated Electric Switchgear

1. Mode: Schneider WS-G
2. Voltage: 12-40.5kV
3. Custom switchgears can be provided.

Product Details

Schneider WS-G12~40.5kV AC Metal Enclosed Gas Insulated Switchgear

1. Characteristics

Mechanical dynamic position indicator

The closing/opening status of disconnecting switch and grounding switch can be indicated respectively on mechanical dynamic position indicator

Operating handle socket and control elements are obviously set adjacent to closing/opening indicator or controlled switches

All the switch operations can be carried out when high-voltage compartment door closed

All the parts and components installation heights meet the requirements of human engineering

Options: Capacitive electric indicator can be used to detect feeder or power of busbar.

 2. Technical Characteristics

Rated Parameters

Rated Voltage      kV   12   24   36   40.5

Rated lighting impulse withstand voltage kV   75   125 170 185

Rated power frequency withstand voltage     kV   28/42     50/65     70   95

Rated peak withstand current   MAX       kA   80(1) 80(1) 80(1) 80

Rated short-time withstand current (3s)  MAX       kA   31.5(2)     31.5(2)     31.5(2)     31.5(4s)

Rated bus current       MAX       A     2500      2500      2500      2500

Rated current of wire outlet cabinet (natural wind cooling) MAX       A     2500      2500      2500      2500

       MAX       31.5kA(2)1s

(1)      100KA can be energized according to the requirement.

(2)      40KA can be energized according to the requirement.

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