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Micron Semiconductor


Since 2010, we were the bid winner of MG phase I and II projects. Depends on several years cooperation with Micron and our advantages, we become the bid winner in this bidding about Power Supply and Lighting Equipment Procurement and Installation Project of MG Phase III in 2013.

Project profile



     In December,2013, Micron proposed again to add capacity about 20000KVA, and after repeated communication with Power Supply Bureau, adding one 10kV ring main unit station to its original 10KV substation was agreed; Power Capacity: 20000KVA; 4 sets  of 10KV distribution transformer SCB10-2000KVA / 10KV, 12 sets of  K13-866KVA / 0.4KV transformers, 52 sets of 400V low voltage switchgears and 208V switchgears are needed in the power distribution room of Phase III; Our company is responsible for the production and supply, installation, testing and commissioning, instrumentation monitoring system wiring construction, software development and commissioning, lighting equipment supply , installation, wring of network room and so on. At present, the project has been completed and put into use.

     We supplied Blokset switchgears as required. PS: we are authorized to manufacture Blokset switchgears by Schneider Electric (China) Co.,ltd.



Details & Quality

For the design, construction, selection and production of power distribution equipment, we set strict demands on ourselves, we make record about the project and operation of equipment so that original file of all engineering and equipment can be traced, all construction and operating personnel must have certification for work and we buy insurance for them. All equipment are managed in accordance with state and industry standards and ISO9001: 2008. And equipment can be delivered after repeated testing and results meet the requirements.

Operational environment & Standards

Ambient temperature: ≤+40℃, ≥-15℃, daily average temperature: ≤+35℃.

Atmospheric conditions: clean air, relative humidity when the highest temperature is + 40 ℃  should be less than 50%. At lower temperature, higher humidity is allowed, for example at + 20 ℃, humidity can be 90%, but the occurrence of dewing should be considered due to the change of temperature.

Altitude should be less than 2000m.


■ IEC 60439-1 Low-voltage withdrawable switchgear and control gear assemblies


■ IEC 60529 Shell protection grade


■ IEC 60068-2-11  salt spray resistance  


■ IEC 60068-2-30 Damp heat resistance


■ Comply with GB


■Pass the type test in accordance with standards


■ISO-certified manufacture



■ World-class switchgear manufacturer can ensure the quality

■ Professional team can provide excellent services


Liability derived from respect, we respect the talent, science, more respect for the user. It is this spirit that push us forward. When cooperate with Micron Semiconductor, our attitude, our technology, our efforts have been approved by Micron Semiconductor. In this project, we still perpetuate the style to maintain consistent cooperation spirit to complete the "Xi'an Export processing Zone B MG phase III power supply and lighting equipment procurement and installation project"  successfully.

Appearance inspection

  • Check if the internal electrical element and wiring meets the requirements of the drawings, the terminal has series number or not.

  • Check if Wiring is neat and firm. 

  • Check the reliability of mechanical interlock and electric interlock.

  • Check if withdrawable assembly is flexible, contact is well.  

  • Check if switchgear is firmly grounded

  • Power-on operation test

  • Power on/off operation on CB (local, control rooms, remote).

  • Signals inspection


Nameplate requirement (Original files)


  •  Manufacturer name and brand;

  •  Models (including the wiring scheme number), name, and factory serial number;

  •  Operation parameters(rated voltage, rated current);

  • Protection class

  •  Factory date


Required files


  • Main wiring drawing and secondary schematic drawings;

  • Breaker operating instructions and manufacturer's qualification certificate;

  • Switchgear inspection reports;

  • Switchgear qualification certificate;

  • Secondary wiring diagram provided by the supplier is valid when the designer and local power supply department approve.