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Application, Performances and Advantages of NXAirS 40.5kV withdrawable metal enclosed medium voltage switchboards

May 10, 2017


NXAirS 40.5kV withdrawable metal enclosed medium voltage switchboards are used in substations and power distribution systems and mainly used for primary power distribution system.

Nxairs 40.5kV

Application industries: power plants, cement plants, automobile industries, steel industries, mining plants, petrochemical industries.

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Performances and advantages




Reliable operation

For power supply companies and industrial users, NXAirS switchboards can meet the requirements of newest standards----easy operation and provide safety insurance  for users.


1. Pass type test and meet the requirements of GB3906 and DL404 and IEC62271-200.

2. There is independent pressure relief channel for every chamber.

3. Maintence-free vacuum circuit breaker.

4. Vacuum circuit breaker passes type test.

5. The steel plates between the chambers can bear the gas pressure generated due to internal arc fault.

6. Main elements meet the requirements of global standards.

7. Meet the requirements of ISO9001.

Ensure the safety of operators

Internal arc grade: IAC A FLR

Working continuity loss grade: LSC 2B

Isolation plate level PM

1. All operation should be done when HV chamber door closed.

2. metal enclosed, shutters and isolation plates are grounded.

3. reliable interlock mechanism is installed on HV chamber door.

4. Internal arc grade: IAC A FLR

5. Working continuity loss grade: LSC 2B

6. Isolation plate level PM

7. busbar chamber, cable chamber and HV chamber are independent.

8. use vacuum CB

9. standard protection grade: IP4X

10. the shutters inside busbar chamber are used to cover fixed contactor to prevent electrifying to maintenance people.

11. reliable FIVE PREVENTIONS mechanical interlock mechanism.




For customers’ benefits

Use newest designed 3AE maintenance free fixed CB to decrease power off times.

1. stable insulation performance

2. more open-close times----maximum to 30000 times at rated current

3. 3AE CB is maintenance free when operation times are within 10000 times.