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Blokset D scheme

Apr 21, 2017

Blokset D Schneider Products Low Voltage Electric Switchgears Scheme

Blokset switchgears

Incoming and feeder line scheme with current less than 6300A

Current less than 4000A, frame width is 600mm or 700mm:

Three sets Masterpact MT/ Compact NS with current 800 to 1600A

Two sets Masterpact MT with current 2000 to 2500A

One set Masterpact MT with current 3200 to 4000A

Current more than 4000A, frame width is  1200mm:

One set Masterpact MT with current 6300A

Power distribution circuit with current less than 630A

The following Circuit breakers can be chosen:

Acti9/Easy9 series miniature CB 1-125A

Compact NSX series CB 100-630A

Standard scheme: twelve sets with current less than 250A, nine sets with current less than 630A

Auxiliary equipment

Used to measure, protect, control and can be installed on the upper side or lower side of incoming unit or installed on the power distribution circuit panel.


Fixed isolation structure is easy and reliable whose interlocks can be realized easily.

It’s bolt connection mode between functional unit and power distribution busbar. The pressure applied on bolt connection point can be controlled by tightening torque.

The cabinet is divided into element area, busbar area, connection area, instrument area.

The width of cabinets is flexible.

The fixed type, plug-in type and withdrawable CB can be installed to meet the requirements of maintenance.