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Check items for HV switchgears

May 17, 2017

Check items for HV switchgears


1. Front and rear channels of switchgears should be clear and clean.

2. Switchgears should be free from rust. Serial number, names and other marks should be clear and complete and at right positions.

3. The grounding device of switchgears should be complete.

4. Elements and components of device should be complete and the working of relay protection device is normal.

5. Check if the indication of instruments, signals and indication lights are correct. If there is abnormal indication or there is alarm, find out causes and clear faults in time.

6. The position of block device is right.

7. Check if the indication of electrified indication device is right or not, if the lights inside switchgears are normal or not.

8. Check if the connection points of busbar are normal and if support insulators are complete.

9. Check if the opening/ closing position of disconnecting switches and CB are consistent with the operation status and operation power is normal.

10. Check if there is abnormal sound,  foul  inside switchgears and the operation of cable head is normal.

11. Check if the work of power discharge device of capacitor cabinet is normal.

12. The position of functional transfer switch is right.

13. The contents of nameplates should be in accordance with site.

14. Proceed patrol inspection after thunder rainy day and troubleshooting.