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Distribloc power distribution block instroduction

Apr 11, 2017


Distribloc introduction for Schneider Prisma IPM power distribution switchboards



Distribloc power distribution block which is safe and convenient to maintain can be applied in the places where feeder circuits are less.

It is mainly used for the switchgears with modular elements or industrial control. It can be installed easily---nipped on the modular guide rail and it can be fixed on rear panel for industrial control.

Distribloc power distribution block can supply:

1. Safety

   IPxxB guide line protection with power

   Can satisfy electrical performance grade

   Fix spring terminals

2. Easiness

    Easy to install and connect wire

    Can be chosen easily based on rated current

3. Flexibility

Choose combination mode

Can add, change feeder circuits



Four-polar power distribution block includes:

The protection grade for completely insulated module is IPxxB

Modular end cover


Electrical parameters

Rated insulation grade: Ui=750v

Rated working current Ie(40℃)--125A used for 125A distribloc

Short-circuit withstand current: not affected cascade connection

Consistent with IEC60947.7.1 OR IEC60439.1

Impulse withstand voltage Uimp=8kV


Power supply

The channel terminal is on 125A distribloc 125, used for 6 to 35V soft cable.



Nipped on modular guide rails

Occupy 12 horizontal modulus (1 modulus=9mm)

Installed on solid hole or open hole rear panel. Center to center=100*75mm