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Jun 20, 2017


#GCS type #low-voltage #switchgear used in three-phase AC frequency 50/60Hz, rated voltage of 400V (690V), rated current 4000A and below. Widely used in power plants, petroleum, chemical, metallurgy, textile, high-rise buildings and other places, can also be used in large power plant, petrochemical system, high degree of automation. With computer interface place.

GCS 1.png

1. The  frame adopts 8MF type opening steel, and the main frame is equipped with an installation hole of E=20mm 9.2mm and 100mm, so that the frame can be assembled flexibly and conveniently 2. The function rooms of the switch cabinet are isolated from each other, and the compartments are divided into functional units, bus rooms and cable rooms. The functions of each room are relatively independent. 3. Horizontal bus adopts flat arrangement after the cabinet, so as to enhance the ability of the bus to resist electric power, it is the basic measure that the main circuit has the ability of short circuit strength. 4. The design of the cable compartment makes it convenient for the cable to be put in and out. 5.  The modulus of the drawer height is 160mm.. The change of drawer is only in height dimension. The width and depth dimension of the drawer are same. The drawer of the same function unit has good interchangeability. The rated current of unit circuit is 400A and less. 6.The protection level of the cabinet is IP30 IP40, and can be chosen according to the user's needs.

#GCS is the shape of #MNS according to the evolution of #ABB and the internal structure is basically the same, that is, MNS localization, MNS operating mechanism, the two are inserted by ABB, and GCS is the use of domestic parts, the operating mechanism is basically the same as the standard model, operation mechanism and #drawer basic parts can be interchangeable. more details visit https://lnkd.in/fm6xnNi