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How to choose good cooper?

Jul 06, 2017


is a kind of high current conductive products,

Suitable for high and low voltage appliances,Switch contact,

Distribution equipment, busbar and other electrical engineering are also widely used in metal smelting, electrochemical plating,

Chemical caustic soda and other large current electrolysis smelting project. We supply electrical copper with electricity

The low rate of resistance, folding curves and other advantages.

Copper also known as copper busbar, copper or copper busbar busbar, grounding copper by copper

Made of a rectangular or chamfered cross section


A rectangular long conductor made of aluminum material

Made of aluminum, the circuit acts as a means of conveying current and connecting electrical equipment in the circuit

At present, the quality requirements of copper busbar are

GB/T 5585.1-2005


As the copper conductive properties superior to aluminum, copper in electrical equipment, especially the complete

The distribution device has been widely used; in the distribution cabinet

A,B,C,N Bus and PE

Bus are used in copper;

In general with copper color letters

Paint painted or painted,A Phase identification for copper yellow color,B Phase is "green" color,

C The color is red,N Is "blue" color,PE The bus is "yellow green" double color.