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What are the installation precautions for HV switchgears?

Feb 15, 2017


Installation precautions for HV switchgears



1. Avoid knocking against each other to prevent deformation of frame or low lying area of thin plate.

2. The installation foundation slot steels of cabinets in parallel should be level. (Error of ≯1mm is allowed)

3. The convenience for entering and going out of trolley should be considered when decide the height of trolley chamber height. Stairs should not appear.

4.  Protect vacuum arc distinguishing chamber during transportation and installation. Cover the top of vacuum circuit breaker by hard plate when install main busbar on the top of the switchgear to prevent damaging by falling tools or nuts.

5.  For the main busbars:

a.  The contacts for the busbars connected with electrical elements should be reliable.

b.  When the current is high, tinning should be applied for the contacts.

c.   Protective agent (conductive paste, Vaseline) should be applied on the conductive contact surface between bared coopers to prevent oxidation and moisture. 

6.   Lay the secondary leading cables based on designed route, which will not stop the activities of moving parts or will not be damaged during maintenance.

7. The grounding main busbar of cabinet should connect with embedded grounding net reliably to ensure the reliable continuity of grounding. Proceed transfer tests according to relative regulations of power community after the installation of cabinets.