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Installation and final inspection items for HV switchgears

Mar 13, 2017

High voltage witchgear installation inspection and final inspection


For the same batch of switchgears, the color of front panel should be the same( including small, door, shutters, CB door and instrument chamber door). Nameplates and simulation plates should be correct, elements inside instrument chamber should be arranged in order and installed tightly. Cabinet door and instrument door should not shake after closed.

All fasteners inside cabinet should be tight and there should have anti-loosening measures. Check instrument door and terminal chamber are closed tightly, the trolley switch can be in and out smoothly, interlock plate is reliable at test and working position.

Interlock check: a. the interlock between disconnecting switch and CB is reliable.

b. interlock between grounding switch and CB is reliable.

c. interlock between operation mechanism and CB is reliable.

d. interlock between disconnecting switches is reliable.

e. Interlock between grounding switch and cabinet door is reliable.

f. Interlock between cabinets is reliable.

Check if the switchgears meet technical requirements and protection grade requirements.

Delivery documents: drawing contents, scheme wiring drawings, main and branch busbars connecting drawings, layouts, specifications of elements, qualification certificate, operation manuals of switchgears, complete check qualification certificates and other documents required by users.