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What are the installation precedures for HV switchgears?

Feb 17, 2017




A   Bus bar chamber B   CB chamber   C cable chamber D relay instrument chamber

1.  Pressure relief device 2. Shell 3. Branch busbar 4. Busbar bushing 5. Main busbar

6. fixed contact device 7. Fixed contact box 8. CT  9. Grounding switch

10. cable 11. Surge arrestor 12. Grounding busbar 13. Loading clapboard

14. clapboard (shutter)  15. Secondary plug  16 CB trolley 17. heater

18. Withdrawable clapboard 19. Grounding switch operation mechanism  20. Control wire slot


KYN 28-12 Metal clad witchgears installation procedures

1.     Loose the bolts of busbar chamber cover and remove the cover.

2.     Loose the fixed bolts in front of the busbar chamber and remove the loading clapboard.

3.     Loose the fixed bolts of withdrawable horizontal clapboard under the CB chamber and remove the horizontal clapboard.

4.     Loose and remove cable end cover.

5.     Remove the end cover from the control wire slot at the left side of switchgear and Remove the end cover of control wire slot at right and front. Dismantle hoisting plate and fixed parts. Install switchgears one by one. Unevenness of switchgears should be less than 2mm/m.  After combination of switchgears, use M12 anchor bolts to connect with frames or weld frames tightly.


Busbar installation

1.     Use the cleaned and dry soft cloth to clean the busbars, check if insulation bushing is damaged or not and apply conductive grease on connecting parts.

2.     Install busbars one by one. Connect busbar together with the relevant branch mini-busbars. Insert suitable pad when connecting and screw tightly with bolts.


Grounding device installation

1.     connect the grounding busbars of every switchgear together with embedded connecting plates.

2.     Connect all leading wires need to be grounded inside the switchgears.

3.     Connect frames with grounding busbars. If there are ten sets of switchgears, there should be more than two grounding busbars.

4.     Connect the grounding line of grounding switch with grounding busbar of switchgear.