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Kinds of Springs' Names

Dec 09, 2016

Kinds of Springs' Names:


Helical spring

Cylindrical helical spring

Cylindrical helical compression spring

Cylindrical helical tension spring

Cylindrical helical torsion spring

Variable pitch cylindrical helical spring

Stranded wire helical spring

Barrel shaped spring

Hourglass shaped spring

Tightly coiled helical spring

Conical spring

Volute spring

Spiral spring

Belleville spring

Dish shaped spring

Ring spring

Leaf spring


Semi-elliptic leaf spring

Constant stiffness semi-elliptic spring

Variable rate semi-elliptic spring

Full-elliptic spring

Constant rate full-elliptic spring

Variable rate full-elliptic spring

Quarter-elliptic spring

Combined spring

Torsion bar spring

Serpentine spring

Wire spring

Flat spring

Rubber spring

Compression-type rubber spring

Shear-type rubber spring

Torsion-type rubber spring

Combined-type rubber spring

Laminated rubber spring

Sleeve-shape rubber spring

Rubber stop

Air spring