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MNS Low Voltage Switchgears Inspection Items

Mar 22, 2017

MNS Low Voltage Switchgear Inspection

MNS switchgears

After the installing and regulation of the device, before the device is put into operation, the following inspections and tests need to be done:

MNS switchgear inspection

1. Manually operate all kinds of switches, the operation should be flexible without any abnormality.

2. Inspect whether the actions of mechanical interlock mechanism and electrical interlock mechanism are correct and reliable, comply with system requirements.

3. Inspect whether the insulation resistance  of main circuit complies with the regulation and requirements.

4. Inspect whether the contact of electrical equipments installed inside the device is good, whether the contact complies with the technical conditions of the electric equipments.

5. Inspect whether there is foreign matter inside the device and whether the installing screws of each part  are loosened.

6. Patrol inspection

The regular patrol inspection of MNS low voltage switchgear: during the patrol inspection, we need observe whether the values of instruments and meters exceed the setting value, whether the indication lights are normal, the key point for the patrol inspection  is we need to see whether there is abnormality for the switchgear: abnormal odor and sound. If there is abnormality happens, in-time handling should be done.