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What are the operation regulations for LV switchgears?

Jan 23, 2017

Operation regulations for LV switchgear

1. Preparation

a. For special work, people should have certificate and regular training.

b. Check if insulation gloves, insulation shoes, insulation rod is within the period of validity before operation and wear Labor protection products according to operation requirements.

c. Check equipment and circuit seriously and carefully before start.

2. Operation items

Power-on operation

a. Open all load switches and make sure there is at least one break point.

b. Make sure the power supply switch is at open position.

c. Supply power to operation circuit and the indication status is normal.

d. Close disconnecting switch first, then close fixed type CB.

e. For the drawer frame CB, rotate CB to working position, then close.

f. Observe voltage, current, three-phase voltage, current balance after closing switches.

g. Put POWER-ON mark after everything is normal.


Power off operation

a. Check if the signals allow opening.

b. Make sure all load switches are opened.

c. Open fixed type CB first, then open disconnecting switch.

d. For drawer type frame CB, open CB then rotate to disconnecting position.

e. Open CB operation power.

f. Put POWER-OFF mark after make sure there is no output power of CB by verification of live part.

g. Install grounding line if maintenance is needed. Remove grounding line after maintenance to ensure safety.