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Other kinds of industrial springs

Jan 13, 2017

Other kinds of industrial springs 

Composite spring

Full name:rubber metal spiral composite spring, was wrapped the metal helical spring with a compound vulcanized rubber material layer. Is widely used in railway vehicle and road vehicles, vibrating screen, vibration mill, vibrating feeder, and other mechanical support of the vibration isolation devices.

Rubber spring

Rubber spring is rubber shock absorption collectively, can be referred to as: rubber pile and composite springs, rubber spring, metal spring, composite spring, rubber shock absorption, etc. Commonly used in mechanical equipment, vehicle running gear and suspension, for damping and buffering.

Helical spring

Helical spring is spiral spring made of spring steel wire. According to the appearance can be divided into ordinary cylindrical helical spring, variable diameter coil spring,by direction can be divided into the left-hand helix spring, dextral spring.

Belleville spring

Belleville spring is a kind of special spring in a cone-shaped axis upwards and under load。In large range, Belleville spring is displacing cylindrical helical spring. Commonly used in heavy machinery such as press and artillery, aircraft and other weapons.

Vortex coil spring

Use thin spring material made into a kind of planar spiral spring.

Leaf spring

Leaf spring is superposition combination by not less than one slice of spring steel plate.

Annular spring

Ring spring superposition combination by multiple gasket shape spring steel outside the cone surface cylinder and gasket shape spring steel in the outside cone cylinder, applied to the limited space and need strong buffer occasion.

Pagoda spring

Pagoda spring also name truncated cone vortex coil spring , chiefly characterized by small volume, big load, variable stiffness, widely used in the little space, big load of occasions and shock absorber,divided into three forms: spiral angle, equidistance, equal stress.

Floor spring

Floor spring is a kind of hydraulic door closer, the compression spring device is worm gear instead of gear and rack.

Waveform spring

Waveform spring is metal thin rings have several peaks valley of elastic element, widely used in motor,  textile machinery, hydraulic equipment, automobile and other industries.

Conical spring

Conical spring, which round into a conical spiral coil, can withstand the pressure and tension, tolerance is small. Advantage is each ring contraction into the plane of the circle when compressed.