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What parameters should be supplied when book compression springs?

Feb 28, 2017


Necessary  parameters supplied for booking compression springs

1. Control diameter

a. outer diameter b. inner diameter, installation ensured size c. bushing inner diameter  d. round rod outer diameter

2. Steel wire or bar size

3. Materials (kind and grade)

4. Winding

a. total winding  b. left twist or right twist

5. Style of ends

6. The load at some coiling area

7. Load rate at the length change range

8. Maximum solid height

9. Minimum compressed height during using

Note on drawing: material diameter(d), outer diameter(D), free height (H0), total winding (n1), working winding (n), pitch (t), coiling direction: left/right

If there is requirements on load, remark load (p 1 p 2…… p i) and relative value(H1H2……Hj) or (F1F2……Fj).

Drawing note