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Polybloc power distribution block

Apr 13, 2017

Polybloc power distribution block for Prisma IPM Schneider Power Distribution Boards

Polybloc power distribution block which is safe and convenient to maintain can be used flexibly in the areas where feeder line is less.

It is mainly used for the switchgears with modular elements.

Two types of Polybloc power distribution block:

1. 250A Polybloc power distribution block is designed to install compact CB and interpact disconnecting CB from outgoing line to 250A.

250A Polybloc

2. 160A Polybloc power distribution block  consists of independent components which can be used separately or combined to two-polar/three polar/four polar power distribution block. It is installed on modular guide rails.

160A Polybloc

Electrical characteristics:

Rated insulation grade Ui=750V

Short-circuit withstand current: not affected cascade connection

Impulse withstand voltage Uimp=8kV

Power supply

1. 250A Polybloc

Supply power to compact NSX and interpact INS equipment (Max. Current is 250A)

2. 160A Polybloc

Supply power directly to terminals and used for cables whose cross sectional area is 70mm.


1. 250A Polybloc

Installed in vertical installed compact NS 100/250, NSX100/250 and interpact INS 250 outgoing line. Polybloc is installed at the upper place of modular element guide rail (LSL5880_A).

2. 160A Polybloc

Clipped at the upper place of modular guide rail.


 Polybloc size