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Schneider Blokset Low Voltage Switchgear

Dec 23, 2016

 Blokset Schneider  High Reliable Series Low-voltage Switchgears


 Blokset Low Voltage Switchger Applicable Range

1.    It is applicable to all the low-voltage systems which need high reliability: power distribution and motor control systems.

2.    The switchgears with modularized structure meet local standards, conventions and requirements. 


Multi-functional Series of Blokset electrical control cabinets

1.    D Type: Power distribution cabinets below 6300A

2.    Dc Type: Power factor compensation cabinet

3.    Mf Type: Fixed motor control center

4.    Mx Type: Drawer style cabinet below 6300A

5.    Mw Type: Drawer style cabinet below 6300A

6.    Ms Type: Frequency converter and modularized system


Blokset provides all the basic guarantees

1.    Blokset meets international standards, especially ICE60439-1, ICE60529 and ICE60947

2.    Blokset meets local standards, regulations and technical requirements.

3.    Schneider electrical switches are used for optimal operation. C. Blokset, consistent, high-performance, economical Blokset modularized design can make reasonable installation cost. High quality and reliability ensure continuous power supply and durable systems.


Blokset is a kind of product with consistent plan

1.    Accurate response to each technical specification.

2.    Easy installation, optimized dimension and connection.

3.    Guarantee purchase and installation time.

4.    Control update and improvement costs.

5.    Control standardization and update maintenance costs. D. Blokset, professional manufacturer guarantees that the quality and reliability of Blokset are established on the basis of the close cooperation with local specialists.

Besides the technical highlights, Schneider Electric will actively involve in all your projects to help you to success.

Guarantee from professional manufacturer

The work include:

1.    Make a rapid respond to quotation and bidding.

2.    Design solution scheme with outstanding performance.

Quality, advanced technology and service

Schneider Electric can guarantee their products quality and technical advantages with the key technologies in the field of switchgears and switches design and manufacturing.

1. Shorten the delivery and installation time because of standardized component configuration.

2. Innovative design which is consistent with other Schneider Electrical solutions plays a role in helping each project to success.

3. Schneider experts cooperate with customers closely and guarantee the rapid response to customers’ installation requirements and effective service.


Main Technical Indicators

Blokset switchgear consists of four different compartments, they are:

1.    Bus compartment

2.    Component compartment

3.    Outgoing cable compartment

4.    Accessory compartment

Depth and width

Blokset series can form various switchgears with different depths and widths through the combination of basic frames and extended frames.


There are three different depths for basic frame:

1.    400mm(applied for horizontal busbar whose maximum current is 1600A.)

2.    600mm(common used frame)

3.    1000mm(add 400mm (depth) on the basis of 600mm(depth) basic frame)


Different width

1.    500mm (Mw type)

2.    600mm (Mx type/U type/D type)

3.    700mm (D type/Dc type/Mf type/Ms type)

4.    900mm(Mw type)

5.    1200mm (D type, MasterpactMT40b/50/63)

Extended cabinets can be installed to the both sides of the basic cabinet if necessary (200 to 400mm).


Technical Parameters:

Basic data

Reference   Standards

IEC60439-1,   IEC60529, IEC60439-1&2, IEC61641, GB7251.1

Type   test

IEC60439/VDE0660part500,   DIN41—488/BS5486/EN60439-1

Earthquake   Resistance

Uniform Building   code California    Building code

Internal   Arc Resistance


Electrical parameters

Rated   Insulation Voltage


Rated   Operating Voltage


Rated   Impulse Voltage


Overvoltage   Type

Pollution   Level




Horizontal   busbar rated value

Maximum   to 7000A

Vertical   busbar rated value

Maximum   to 3200A

Horizontal   busbar

Rated   short time withstand current(Icw/1s)


Rated   Peak Withstand Current(Ipk)

63/105 or   187/220kA

Vertical   busbar

Rated   short time withstand current(Icw/1s)


Rated   Peak Withstand Current(Ipk)

63/105 or   187kA

Inner   arc personal arc IEC 61641

85kA   0.4s


Earthing   system


Maximum   incoming switch


Maximum   motor capacity


Mechanical data

Cable   incoming/outgoing


Wiring   mode

Front/rear   side

Protection   level


Isolation   mode









Average   weight



Epoxy   resin power painting>50μ



Color   of shell