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SIVACON 8PT Low Voltage Switchgear

Dec 08, 2016

SIVACON 8PT Low Voltage Switchgear

1.  Product Overview

SIVACON 8PT which has the standard structure used in construction industry and industry technical field is one of the newest low-voltage switchgear designed by Siemens. It can be applied to every capacity grade with maximum current to 7400A. The installation methods include: Fixed installation, Plug-in installation and withdrawable installation. Meanwhile the 8PT has passed type test, therefore, it can ensure reliable operation and safety of personnel.


2.  Overall Features

     The low volt switch cabinet passes the type test(TTA)

  1. Horizontal bus is arranged on the top of the switchgear.

  2. Rated current of 3 electrode and 4 electrode horizontal bus system can be to 7400A’

  3. Rated peak withstand current (IPK) can be to 375KA.

  4. The size of the chamber is big enough to meet the requirements of every installation.

  5. The chambers can be divided in different units according to modulus structure.

  6. There is Single installation and Back to back installation.

  7. Outgoing cable can be connected from front or back side of switchgear.

  8. There is economical efficiency due to flexible solutions.

3.  Design approach Introduction

  • Fixed-mounted technology(OFF)

Features: Lower-costs, highly safety. This kind of power distribution cabinet is mainly used in the places    where changing is not needed or short-time power-off is allowed during working conditions.

  •  Reactive power compensation(PFC)

Features: Lower-costs, highly safety. According to different kinds of Electrical equipment’s structure, Control cabinet can be equipped with a non-choke-type or choke-type capacitor components

  • 3NJ6  Bar plug-in technology(OFPD)

Features: Support easy-plug, highly safety. Compared with withdrawable technology, power distribution cabinet with plug-in technology used in cable branch circuit is more economy. Its structure is compact and it can realize fast refitting or exchanging during working condition by incoming side plug-in contact. SICACON bar structure is more economy, safe and flexible.

  • For freedom of design of the control cabinet(CCS)

Features: have more flexible space. Variety of expansion elements can be chosen for freedom design and regulating cabinets. There are chambers inside the cabinet.

  • Plug-in design(OFPM)

Features: Support easy-plug, highly safety. Equipped with motor circuit and cable feeder circuits, the plug-in switchgear which is more economy is the replacement of withdrawable switchgear. The unit can realize fast exchanging by incoming side plug without power-off. Plug-in design is more economy, reliable and common.

Volume density is high (each cabinet can have up to 22 circuits).

  •  Unplug design(OFW)

Features: Better applicability, highly safety. Equipped with motor circuit and cable feeder circuits, withdrawable switchgear has optimal safety and applicability and is easy to operate. Fast exchanging and regulation can be realized through guiding withdrawable mechanism. Each module can proceed such as addition or exchanging, even compartment can be exchanged during operation. Withdrawable unit is designed according to 8 kinds of modulus height (100,150, 200, 300, 400, 500, 600, 700mm).

4.  safety and reliability

SIVACON has the testing certificate. It passed type test: test on operational condition and physical performance under fault condition.  Therefore, we can make sure reliable operation and safety of personnel through this type test. The following tests have been done to  SIVACON according to IEC60439-1/DIN EN60439-1(VDE0660):

Type Test :

  1. Verify the temperature rise

  2. Verify insulation strength

  3. Verify grounding continuity between shell and protection guiding lines by inspection or resistance measurement

  4. Verify the strength of short circuit of protective conductor

  5. Verify  mechanical action

  6. Verify IP- protection class

  7. Tests before going out industry:

  8.  Visual inspect electrical switch combination device, including the wiring, if necessary, test the electrical action

  9. Insulation test

  10. Check protection measures and visual inspect the connection  of protective conductor

5.   Technical Data


standards and norms

Low voltage complete   switchgear passed TTA (TTA) 0

Internal arc fault   condition test

IEC60439-1,DINEN60439-1(VDE0660 Part 500),IEC61641,VDE0660c Part 500

Air gap and creepage   distances

Rated impulse   withstand voltage(Uimp)


Overvoltage category


Pollution level


Rated insulation   voltage(Ui)


Rated operating   voltage(Ue)

To 690V

Rated Current(In)

horizontal bus(    3 electrode and 4 electrode)

main bus-bar

Rated Current

to 7400A

Rated peak withstand   current(Ipk)

to 375KA

Rated short time   withstand current(Icw)

to 150KA,1S

to 120KA,3S

Vertical bus   technology for circuit breaker

Rated Current

to 6300A

Rated peak withstand   current(Ipk)

to 250KA

Rated short time   withstand current (Icw)

to 100KA,1S

to 80KA,3S

Fixed mounted for   vertical busbar design

Rated Current

to 1400A

Rated peak withstand   current(Ipk)

to 163KA

Rated short time   withstand current (Icw)

to 65KA*,1S

to 50KA,3S

Vertical   bus bar with strip technology (plug-in) (3NJ6)

Rated Current

to 2100A

Rated peak withstand   current(Ipk)

to 110KA

Rated short time   withstand current (Icw)

to 50KA*,1S

Plug-in   designed and withdrawable designed vertical busbar

Rated Current

to 1200A

Rated peak withstand   current(Ipk)

to 163KA

Rated short time   withstand current (Icw)

to 65KA*,1S

to 50KA,3S

Electrical - Rated   Current

Circuit Breakers

to 6300A

Cable feeder   circuits

to 630A

Inner compartment

Form 1 to form 4


Surface treatment

Structural parts

Galvanized / powder coating / painting


Galvanized / powder coating / painting


powder   coating / painting

Protection class

Comply   IEC60529,EN60529



H:2200,2600mm (Including top unit)



*Rated short-circuit current limit Icc to100KA