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Special shaped spring and functional characteristics in daily life

Dec 12, 2016

Special shaped spring and functional characteristics:

1. Variable diameter helical spring, which is mainly used in some special occasions, the spring is usually of circular cross section materials, and mostly under compression load.

2. Leaf spring, spring material is a strip or plate usually; the process is use corresponding mold in special equipment or general pressure processing machine tools. Because of the thin thickness of the leaf spring, wave spring and the light spring, the spring is widely used in industry.

3. Rectangular spring, when the installation space is limited, the rectangular spring is often adopted. The rectangular spring can obtain large load bearing capacity under the same space and deformation. Compared with circular cross section spring, rectangular spring’s section is large; it can absorb great energy under the same space, generally used for heavy duty machine, stamping die.

4. Disc spring, Due to the small size, light weight, so it is widely used in buffer, avoid vibration and other occasions, at the same time, it is widely used in the stamping die, the clutch fastener and the large construction machinery.

5.  The barrel shaped helical compression spring, because the two ends of the spring are provided with a small spring ring, and can be embedded into the middle spring ring, so it can get a large amount of deformation. Such as convex type automobile brake spring, hair clipper spring.

6.  Scroll spiral spring, its function and principle are similar to the conical spiral spring; it absorbs more energy, however, due to the difficulty of manufacturing, only for the special case when the space is limited.

7.  Plate spring, it is formed by the superposition of single or multi leaf spring steel plate, which has the characteristics of buffer and vibration reduction. The plate spring has strong buffering and vibration damping performance, and is mainly used in the suspension device of the automobile, the tractor or the railway vehicle.

8. Unequal pitch helical spring, it can meet the spring deformation of the small stiffness, but also to meet the large deformation of the large stiffness requirements, it is mainly used in the suspension spring of the motorcycle, the small passenger car and the high speed engine valve spring, etc..

9. Torsion bar spring, it is a torsional action made of elastic straight bar, due to the characteristics of large deformation  energy in unit volume, daily used mainly in the suspension device of various vehicles.

10. Ring spring, it is composed of an outer ring with inner cone and an inner ring with outer cone. The number of internal and external rings is determined according to the size and deformation of the load. Due to the high vibration performance of the ring spring, the spring is mainly used for the heavy equipment and the buffering device.

11. Line spring, it is made of various springs according to different uses of the spring wire, usually made of cold drawn steel wire spring. The section of line spring is rounded mostly, the load without direction restriction, at the same time in each direction has the same bending stiffness, so this line spring used for small load and has no strict requirement for load characteristics occasions.

12. Serpentine spring, named due to the shape like a snake, according to its shape can be divided into “Z” and “S” shaped spring, etc. It is widely used in car seat, which is called the seat spring.