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Spring Design and Technical Terms

Dec 09, 2016

Spring design and technical terms:

Specified load
Ultimate load
Test load
Load at solid position
Stress at solid position
Deflection at ultimate load
Deflection at test load
Spring characteristic
Spring rate
Dynamic spring rate
Spring flexibility
Initial tension load
Working torsion angle
Ultimate torsion angle
Test torsion angle
Free height (length)
Free angle
Working height (length)
Ultimate height (length)
Height (length) at ultimate load
Solid height
Total number of coils (turns)
Number of active coils (turns)
Number of end coils (turns)
Mean diameter of coil
Outer diameter of coil
Inside diameter of coil
Diameter of line
Direction of coils
Spring index
Slenderness ratio
Active length
Camber of a leaf
Camber under static leaf
Free camber
Free span
Span under load
Flat span
Main leaf
Auxiliary leaf
Setting load
Eye parallelism
Eye perpendicularity
Diameter of eye
Width of eye
Assembly clamp breadth
Stress rate
Center bolt
Spring buckle
Spring insert
Diameter of wire cord
Pitch of wore cord
Twist angle of strands

Coefficient for width of contact surface
Radial pitch
Axial pitch
Deflection of first bottoming
Load at first bottoming
Free area
Internal air pressure
Working pressure
Effective area
Effective diameter
Design height
Basic spring volume
Additional volume
Total volume
Additional air reservoir
Changing behavior of effective area

Equivalent deflection
Cord bias angle
Load area
Clasticity modulus
Modulus compression
Modulus in shear
Rubber hardness
Relief stress
Permanent deformation
Temporary deformation
Spring safe factor
Fatigue test
Impact test
Model test
Fast shelve test(pluck torsion)
Shot blast
Liquid shot blast
Almen test spring
Environment test
X-ray stress measurement
Crock canister outer diameter
Piston mast diameter
Extend length
Once cycle
Extend speed
Start-up force
Gas move force damp part
Liquid force damp part
Least extend force
Most extend force
Least condensation force
Most condensation force
Nomal force
Dynamic frictional force
Bounce rate
Glueing strength
Static defection
Static load
Static rigidity