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Spring Machines

Dec 10, 2016

Spring machine means mechanical equipment for producing springs, there are automatic type and numerical control type.


Spring machine classification:

Computer compression spring machine; Spring machine without cam; Wire forming spring machine; Spring machine with cam; Wire transfer machine.

1. According to the functional characteristics are divided into: compression spring machine, tension spring machine, universal spring machine, disc spring machine and special spring machine such as: serpentine spring machine (Mainly used in the production of sofa springs, mattress springs), torsion spring machine

2. According to the driving mode is divided into: semi-automatic, automatic, CNC and all computer control type.

CNC and all computer control type spring machine:

Universal spring machine

Suitable for producing all kinds of springs and a variety of special shaped springSpring wire diameter range from 0.1 to 8.0 mm.

Characteristics of computer spring machine:

1. Automatic lubricating oil supply design for mechanical parts, ensure the equipment for a long time to run.

2. Equipped with precision detection and tracking system, If there are substandard products can be automatically shut down.

3. According to the working conditions of the fluorescent screen, product’s outer diameter angle can be revised at any time.

4. Automatically stops design and automatic wire frame acceleration function when wireless, breakage, kinking, can make production more efficient and effective.

5. Easy to operate, accurate positioning, the computer can control three to eight servo motors, all motors can be synchronous or separate operation.

6. Suitable for producing double torsion spring, straight spring, pagoda spring, tension spring, rectangular spring, wire forming, steel coil spring, winding mechanism and all kinds of springs and a variety of highly complex shaped spring.