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Test of Switchgears

Dec 07, 2016

Common test of switchgears:

1. Type tests: a test of one or more devices or equipment manufactured according to a design requirement to test whether the design requirements conform to a certain specification.

2. Routine test: also called the factory test, test carried out for in manufacturing or after completion for each device or equipment, to ascertain whether a device or equipment meet a certain standard.

3. Dielectric test: Is a test of the electrical characteristics of the various tests’ general term, including: insulation, static, pressure, etc..

4.  Life test: to determine the life of the product under the conditions of the provisions of the test, or for the evaluation of the life characteristics of the analysis of the test, is a destructive test.

5. Tolerance test: under certain conditions, such as the specific operation of a certain period of time, the test of products, such as repetitive operation, short circuit, over voltage, vibration, impact, etc., is a destructive test.

6. Pre-operating test: test products at site to prove the installation is correct, the product is normal operation.