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what are valve springs?

Jan 05, 2017


Valve Springs


Valve springs are used for valves which can determine the opening pressure, valve disc stroke and stability of sealing at closed condition of valves. we have compression springs and other kinds of springs as valve springs.



Relative standard of valve springs

YB T 5136-1993 Chromium vanadium spring steel wire for valve

GB/T 1239.2-2009 cold coiled helical spring technical specification

GB/T 18983-2003 oil-tempered spring steel wire

JB/T 10802-2007 springs shot peening strengthening

JB/T 6655-1993 High-temperature withstand spring technical specification



Materials of valve springs

The valve springs can influence the normal operation of stop valves, safety valves and other valves. The springs determines the opening pressure, the disc stroke, and the stability of the seal at the closed condition. Therefore the high quality materials should be chosen--- GB/T24588-2009 Stainless steel spring steel wire, high temperature alloy wire, oil tempered alloy spring steel wire50CrVA, 55CrSiA, 60Si2MnA, piano wire, T9A and so on to ensure the good resistance to high temperature, long service life, stability, corrosion resistance requirements of springs.


The application of valve springs

Internal-combustion Engine Valve springs, Low, Medium, High stress valve springs, safety valve springs, pressure release valves, MOV, pneumatic governing valves, Self regulating valves, hydraulic control valves, drain valves, gate valves, stop valves, ball valves, check valves, special valves, hydraulic valves, solenoid valves and so on.