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what is the characteristic of MNS Low voltage switchgears ?

Jun 15, 2017

what is the characteristic of MNS Low voltage switchgears ?

MNS cabinet, a low pressure extraction type switchgear, with a housing bent by a plate. The MCC compartment is divided into three compartments. The compartments are divided into functional units, bus compartments, and cable rooms。

It is a standard module by the factory assembly combined low-voltage switchgear, suitable for AC 50-60Hz, rated voltage 660V and below power supply system for power generation, transmission, distribution, power conversion and power consumption control equipment.MNS low-voltage switchgear load IEC439, VDE660 fifth and GB7251 the national standard and professional standard.

Since the level of busbar compartment in the back, so it can be made into double cabinet. In order to reduce the switchgear arrangement width can be designed for after qualifying, the top level switch cabinet bus installed in the switch cabinet, the second half of the cabinet for the cable compartment, the cabinet and GCK bus style similar, function module drawer height for 200mm, the drawer unit is provided with a mechanical interlock.

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