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What's the difference between MNS and GCS?

Jul 03, 2017

Bus: bus level MNS and GCS are all round the drawer unit and the front left, front right ventricular outlet cable is partitioned, the vertical bus they are assembling more reliable in flame retardant plastic functional board. While the level of GCK bus is located in the top of the cabinet, the vertical bus no flame retardant plastic board. After a cable outlet, but also can be made into the right ventricular outlet cable, but the drawer pushing mechanism and GCS, MNS, is relatively simple.

Drawer: GCS minimum only 1/2 drawer, MNS has 1/4 drawer, MNS drawer, another interlock, and GCS just switch itself

The difference between GCS and MNS

1, the origin is different: GCS is designed and developed independently,.MNS is introduced from ABB company,.GCS is from 96 years ago on the market, many aspects are modeled on MNS, such as the level of the bus, the way out and so on

2, steel assembly: GCS is different from 8MF (KS) steel assembly, which is composed of C MNS (KB) steel assembled. From strength GCS is better than MNS. but from the aesthetic perspective, MNS is better than GCS good, many manufacturers are using C profiles to do GCS.GCS original design the current can only 4000A, while MNS can reach higher, after a lot of improved GCS has now reached 6300A.

3, drawer mechanism is different: GCS adopts CJG-1~3, while MNS uses big interlock. In contrast, GCS drawer is more labor-saving than MNS drawer

4, installation of different modulus: MNS cabinet installation modulus was 25mm and GCS is 20mm, GCS up to do the 11 drawer, MNS can do 9 layers, but MNS can do double-sided cabinets (two drawers are installed). So GCS up to do the 22 drawer, and MNS to do the 72 drawer (GCS no 1/4 unit drawer MNS).MNS has the advantage of small current. GCS has some advantages in high current.