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Advanced Safe And Reliable Technology Of Box-type Substation

Oct 20, 2017

Box-type substation, also known as the outdoor complete sets of substations, known as a modular substation, has been widely valued. In the rural Network support (reform), it has the advantages of combination maneuver, convenient transportation, migration, assembly convenience, short construction period, low running cost, small footprint, no pollution, maintenance-free. is widely used in urban areas, rural 10110kV small and medium-sized substation (with) electric, mining and mobile operation with the cultivation and transformation of substations, Box Type Transformer Substation because of its easy to penetrate into the middle, add power supply radius, improve the beginning voltage quality, especially suitable for village grid reform, known as the 21st century Substation support target form.

Characteristics of Box-type substation:

1, advanced technology and safe and reliable

The problems needing attention in the application and design of box-type substation The box part adopts the domestic leading technology and technology, the frame adopts the standard container material and the manufacture craft, the shell individual uses the aluminized zinc steel plate. Have a good anti-corrosion function, Box Type Transformer Substation protection 20 years without corrosion, the use of aluminum alloy buckle plate, interlayer use fire insulation data, the box assembly air-conditioning and dehumidification devices, equipment operation is not affected by artificial scenes and external contamination, can guarantee the normal operation of -40℃~+40℃ in the despicable situation. Products without the bare-charged part of the box equipment used in a unit vacuum switch cabinets, dry-type transformers, dry-type transformers, vacuum circuit breaker (Spring control mechanism) and other domestic skills leading equipment. Box Type Transformer Substation For the whole insulation structure, can reach 0 electric shock accident completely, the whole station can realize no oil operation, high insurance, two times use microcomputer analysis automation system, can realize unattended.

2, high degree of automation

The protection system uses the substation microcomputer analysis Automation installment, the entire station intellectualization idea. Dispersing device, can realize "four remote" namely telemetry, remote letter, remote control, tele-adjust, each unit has independent operation effect, Box Type Transformer Substation relay protection function is complete, can perform remote setting on running parameter, keep control of humidity and temperature in the box, satisfy the request of unmanned duty.

3. Prefabrication of Factory

Imaginary. Make a master wiring diagram and an imaginary device outside the box, as long as the imaginary person according to the actual pleading of the substation. It may or may not be possible to determine the size and model of the box supplied by the manufacturer, all equipment in the factory once installed, debugging qualified, the real realization of substation cultivation factory, Box Type Transformer Substation extending the imaginary manufacturing cycle, Box Type Transformer Substation the case of the Assembly only need box positioning, the box between the cable contact, the outlet cable Connection, protection fixed value check, transmission test and other needs to debug obligations, All substations from installation to the delivery of about 58 days, greatly extended the cultivation of the period.