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Application Prospect Of Box-type Substation

Aug 14, 2017

Box-type substation, also known as the outdoor complete sets of substations, has been called the modular substation, it is developed in the the 1960s to 70 's in Europe and the United States and other Western countries to launch a new substation of the outdoor power transformer equipment, because it has the combination of flexible, convenient transportation, migration, easy installation, short construction period, low operating costs, non-polluting, maintenance-free, and other advantages of the world's electric power workers. Into the the mid 1990s, Box Type Transformer Substation the domestic beginning of a simple box-type substation, The Ministry of Electric Power also formulated a ministerial standard, but the application is not extensive, to the end of the 90, especially after the agricultural network renovation project started, research and development, manufacturing technology and scale has entered a high-speed development, is widely used in urban, rural 10~110kv Small and medium-sized substation (with) power stations, mines and mobile operation of the construction and transformation of substations, because it is easy to in-depth load center, Box Type Transformer Substation reduce the power supply radius, improve the terminal voltage quality, especially suitable for rural power grid reform, Was praised 21st century substation construction target model.

The box-type substation mainly consists of multiple-loop high voltage switch system, armored bus, integrated substation automation system, communication, Telecontrol, metering, Box Type Transformer Substation capacitor compensation and DC power supply, such as combination of electrical units, installed in a moisture-proof, rust-proof, dustproof, rodent-proof, fire, anti-theft, insulation, fully closed, removable steel frame box, mechanical and electrical integration, fully closed operation.

Application prospect and prospect of box-type substation

In recent years, the box-type substation is the main direction of the reform of rural network and the construction of substation in the future, but there are some deficiencies in some aspects, which are embodied in:

(1) Fire Protection problem: box-type substation is generally sealed unattended operation, although all equipment without oil operation and equipped with remote smoke alarm system, however, there are still hidden dangers in the box, such as: cable, compensation capacitors, and so on, once the sudden fire, Box Type Transformer Substation not conducive to ventilation, also not conducive to fire fighting, so should consider the design of automatic fire extinguishing system, but this will increase the cost of the box-type substation manufacturing.

(2) Expansion problem: Box-type substation due to the volume and cost of manufacturing limited, the expansion margin of the gap is small, if you want to add in the original box in the interval is more difficult, it must be added to the box.

(3) Maintenance problems: Because the box-type substation in the manufacture of the consideration of manufacturing costs and the size of the box, Box Type Transformer Substation so that the box-type substation maintenance space is small, not conducive to equipment overhaul, especially the accident repair, this is a box-type substation inherent deficiencies, is not insurmountable shortcomings.

In short, looking to the future, the box-type substation in China's vast number of cities, rural areas, industrial and mining enterprises, public building facilities will be widely used, it will be the advantages of its inexpensive and more people to use, Box Type Transformer Substation so that China's power grid operation level of a new level.

Box-type substation suitable for residential quarters, urban public change, bustling downtown, construction power, etc., users can be based on different use conditions, load level choice box-type change. Since the advent of box-type substation, the development of a very rapid, Box Type Transformer Substation in Europe developed countries accounted for 70% of distribution Transformers, the United States accounted for 90%. With the rapid development of urban modernization in China, the continuous renovation of urban distribution network will be widely used.

For box-type substations, China since the late the 1970s, from France, Germany and other countries introduced and imitation of the box-type substation, from the structure of the use of high, Box Type Transformer Substation low-voltage switchgear, transformer composition, this box became known as European box change, image analogy for the high, Low-voltage switchgear, Transformers covered the house. Since the 1990s, China has introduced the U.S. box-type substation, in the structure of the load switch, ring switch and fuse structure simplified into the transformer tank immersed in oil. Lightning arrester is also used oil-immersed zinc oxide arrester. The transformer cancels the oil pillow, the tank and the radiator is exposed in the air, this kind of box becomes the American box change, the image analogy is hangs a box beside the transformer.

Box-type substation (referred to as box change) is a high voltage switchgear equipment Distribution transformers, Low-voltage switchgear, Box Type Transformer Substation energy metering equipment and reactive power compensation devices in accordance with a certain wiring scheme combined in one or several boxes of the compact distribution unit. It is suitable for rated voltage 10/0.4KV Three-phase AC system, as the wiring and distribution of power.

Compared with the same capacity of European-style box, the structure of American box becomes more reasonable. Because the European box transformer and ordinary high-voltage electrical equipment installed in the same metal casing box, the transformer room temperature is very high, causing heat dissipation difficulties, affect the output; On the other hand, the use of ordinary high-voltage load switches and fuses, low-voltage switchgear, so the European box variable volume larger. The American box change is different from the European box structure. From the layout of the view, its low-voltage chamber, transformer room, high-pressure room is not the font layout, Box Type Transformer Substation but the layout of the product font. From the structure, the box type is divided into the front, the latter two parts of the high, low pressure operation interval, the operation interval includes high-low voltage terminal, load switch handle, no load regulating switch, plug-in fuse, oil level meter, etc. the rear part is injection tank and heat sink, transformer winding, iron core, high-voltage load switch and fuse are put into transformer tank.