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Box Type Substation Is Highly Automated

Sep 05, 2017

In recent years, box-type substation in the power system applications are more, such substations have more advantages, which has energy saving, lightweight, automation, etc., in the transformation of the grid play a useful effect.

Box-type substation, also known as outdoor complete substation, also known as modular substation, subject to extensive emphasis. It has the advantages of combining maneuvering, Box Type Transformer Substation convenient transportation, migration, assembling convenience, short construction period, low running cost, small footprint, no pollution and maintenance. Is widely used in urban areas, rural 10110kV small and medium-sized variable (with) electricity, factories and mines and mobile operation with the transformation and transformation of substation, Box Type Transformer Substation because of its easy in-depth load, increase the power supply radius, improve the starting voltage quality, especially for villages Grid reform, known as the 21st century substation support the target form.

Box-type substation features:

1, advanced technology and safe and reliable

Box-type substation application and design should pay attention to the problem of the box part of the current domestic leading technology and technology, the framework of the standard container materials and production process, the shell of the individual use of galvanized steel. Box Type Transformer Substation Has a good anti-corrosion function, to protect the 20-year non-corrosive, the inner seal plate with aluminum plate, sandwich insulation materials used in the box, the cabinet assembly of air conditioning and dehumidification device, equipment operation is not affected by the situation and external pollution, -40 ℃ ~ +40 ℃ in the despicable case of normal operation. Box Type Transformer Substation The product is free of live parts, the box of a device using unit vacuum switchgear, dry-type transformers, dry-type transformers, vacuum circuit breakers (spring holding mechanism) and other domestic skills leading equipment. For the whole insulation structure, can reach zero electric shock accident, the whole station can be achieved without oil operation, high insurance, Box Type Transformer Substation the second use of computer analysis automation system, can achieve unattended.

2, a high degree of automation

Protection system using substation computer analysis automation device, the whole station intelligent design. Remote control, remote control, each unit has an independent operating effect, relay protection function is complete, the operating parameters can be carried out to the remote settings, the humidity inside the box, Box Type Transformer Substation the temperature of the implementation of the remote control, remote control, remote control, Control, to meet the unattended request.

3, factory prefabricated

Hypothetical time. Make a primary wiring diagram and the implication of the equipment outside the box, as long as the imaginary staff according to the actual request of the substation. It can be or decided by the manufacturers to provide the box specifications and models, Box Type Transformer Substation all the equipment in the factory a installation, commissioning qualified, the real realization of the substation to cultivate the factory, Box Type Transformer Substation extending the imaginary manufacturing cycle; incidentally assembled only box positioning, The cable between the box, the cable connection, the protection of the value of calibration, transmission test and other needs to be commissioned, all substations from installation to commissioning only about 58 days, greatly extending the incubation period.