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Box Type Substation Is Highly Safe

Jun 27, 2017

Box-type substation is a high-voltage switchgear, transformers and low-voltage power distribution devices, according to a certain wiring scheme in one of the factory prefabricated indoor and outdoor compact power distribution equipment, that is, high voltage power, transformer buck, low voltage distribution Functionally combined, installed in a moisture, rust, dust, rodent, fire, security, heat insulation, fully enclosed, removable steel box, mechanical and electrical integration, fully enclosed operation, it replaced The original civil power distribution room, Box Type Transformer Substation power distribution station, a new set of variable power distribution device.

First, the box structure

Box-type substation box is composed of: base, shell, roof three parts. In order to meet the needs of ventilation, heat dissipation and access lines, the base should also be opened in the corresponding position of the bar-shaped hole and the size of the appropriate circle Shaped hole. The outer shell, the roof steel, the angle steel, the steel plate, the aluminum alloy plate, the color steel plate, Box Type Transformer Substation the cement board and so on are bent, the welding is connected with the screw, the hinge or the related special attachment. No matter what kind of material box change shell, according to the standard requirements must have: sun, rain, dust, rust, anti-small animals (such as snakes) into the five anti-function. Box body In order to prevent hot summer strong solar radiation, the top of the general are equipped with low thermal conductivity of the insulation material for packing. Commonly used fillers are: rock wool board, polystyrene foam and so on. In the traditional design of the traditional "modular substation", generally in the shell is also filled with thermal insulation filler, this method most designers are no longer used, this is because: insulation filler although to prevent hot summer strong daylight Radiation, Box Type Transformer Substation but also hindered the transformer running a lot of heat generated when the distribution, so the designers in addition to retaining the blind louver hole in the shell method, while using increased heat dissipation area, to strengthen the air convection method of cooling, but also reduce manufacturing cost.

Second, the characteristics of box-type substation

2.1 advanced technology and safe and reliable

Box-type substation application and design should pay attention to the problem of the box part of the current domestic leading technology and technology, the shell is generally made of galvanized steel, the framework of the standard container materials and production process, Box Type Transformer Substation a good anti-corrosion performance, to ensure 20 years without corrosion , The inner seal plate adopts the aluminum alloy gusset plate, the interlayer adopts the fireproof insulation material, the air conditioner and the dehumidifier device are installed in the box, the equipment operation is not affected by the natural climate environment and the outside pollution, and can guarantee the normal environment in the harsh environment of -40 ℃ ~ + 40 ℃ run.

One of the equipment in the box adopts unit vacuum switchgear, dry type transformer, dry type transformer, vacuum circuit breaker (spring operating mechanism) and other domestic technology leading equipment, the product has no exposed live part, for the whole insulation structure, fully able to reach zero electric accident , The whole station can be achieved without oil operation, high security, Box Type Transformer Substation the second use of computer integrated automation system, can achieve unattended. 2.2 high degree of automation

The whole station intelligent design, protection system using substation computer integrated automation device, distributed installation, can achieve "four remote", that is telemetry, remote, remote control, remote control, each unit has a separate operating function, relay protection Full-featured, the operating parameters can be set remotely, the humidity inside the box, the temperature control to meet the requirements of unattended.

2.3 Factory prefabricated

Design, as long as the design staff in accordance with the actual requirements of the substation to make a main wiring diagram and the design of the equipment outside the box, you can choose to provide manufacturers by the box specifications and models, all the equipment in the factory a installation, commissioning, Construction of the factory, shorten the design and manufacturing cycle; on-site installation only box positioning, cable connection between the box, outlet cable connection, protection settings calibration, Box Type Transformer Substation transmission test and other work to be commissioned, the entire substation from installation to put into operation About 5 to 8 days of time, greatly shortening the construction period.

2.4 combination of flexible

Box-type substation because of the relatively compact structure, each box constitute a separate system, which makes the combination of flexible, we can all use box, that is, 35kV and 10kV equipment installed in all boxes to form a box-type substation ; Can also be used 35kV equipment, outdoor installation, 10kV equipment and control systems installed in the box, this combination, especially for rural transformation in the transformation of the old station, that is, the original 35kV equipment does not move, only the installation of a 10kV switch box You can achieve unattended requirements.

2.5 investment in the province, quick

Box type substation (35kV equipment outdoor layout, 10kV equipment box installation) compared with the same size integrated substation (35kV equipment outdoor layout, 10kV equipment layout in the indoor high-voltage switch room and the control room) to reduce investment 40% to 50%.

2.6 small footprint

4000KVA single main transformer substation, for example, the construction of a conventional 35kV substation, about an area of about 3000 square meters, and the need for large-scale civil works; and the use of box-type substation, the main box and switch box two boxes accounted for The minimum area of 100 square meters, including 35kv other equipment, the total area of the largest area of 300 square meters, only the same size of the transformer substation area of 1/10, in line with national policies to save land.

Box-type substation, also known as pre-installed substation or pre-installed substation. Is a high-voltage switchgear, distribution transformers and low-voltage power distribution devices, according to a certain wiring program in one of the factory prefabricated indoor and outdoor compact power distribution equipment, the transformer buck, low-voltage power distribution and other functions organically Together, Box Type Transformer Substation installed in a moisture-proof, anti-rust, anti-rat, fire, anti-theft, heat insulation, fully enclosed, removable steel box, especially for urban network construction and transformation, is following the rise of civil substation after a A new substation. Box-type substation for mines, factories and enterprises, oil and gas fields and wind power stations, which replaced the original civil power distribution room, power distribution station, a new set of variable power distribution device.

Box change structure

The overall structure of the box is divided into three parts: high voltage switchgear, transformer and low voltage power distribution device.

According to the system needs, high pressure switch can be used sulfur hexafluoride or vacuum circuit breakers, ring switch, load switch plus fuse.

It is also possible to install a metering device on the high pressure side. Low side of the general installation of the main switch and shunt feeder switch, and some only install the feeder switch. Box Type Transformer Substation Direct feed to low voltage terminal users. Can also be equipped with compensation capacitors, metering devices. Distribution transformers generally use oil-immersed or dry-type transformers.