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Box-type Substation Widely Used In Landscape Lighting

Sep 26, 2017

Box-type substation (referred to as box change) is 1 kinds of high-voltage switch equipment distribution transformers, low-voltage switchgear, electric energy metering equipment and reactive power compensator Integrated automation system, communication, Telecontrol, metering, capacitor compensation and DC power supply and other electrical units combined into 1 or several boxes of the compact complete set of distribution devices. It is suitable for the rated voltage 10/0.4KV3 phase Switching system, Box Type Transformer Substation as a route and for distributing electrical energy.

Box-type substation mainly by the multi-loop high-voltage switching system, armored bus, installed in 1 moisture-proof, rust-proof, dustproof, rodent-proof, fire, anti-theft, heat insulation, the whole blockade, movable steel structure box, the entire blockade operation. Box-type substation shell to adopt steel plate or alloy plate, with double top cover, good insulation. The shell and skeleton all through antiseptic treatment, has the long time outdoors to make the premise (complete equipment). Box Type Transformer Substation The shape and color can be coordinated with the environment 1. Installation of the Lee, in the box-type substation under the basis of a cable room, and in the low-pressure room with a hole can enter the cable room for work.

The box-type substation mainly consists of multiple-loop high voltage switch system, armored Busbar, substation integrated automation system, communication, Telecontrol, metering, capacitor compensation and DC power supply, such as combination of electrical units, installed in a moisture-proof, rust-proof, dustproof, rodent, fire, anti-theft, insulation, completely closed, removable steel box, mechatronics, Fully closed operation, mainly has the following characteristics: 1, technologically advanced safety and reliability 2, Box Type Transformer Substation high degree of automation 3, factory prefabrication 4, the combination of flexible 5, investment province Quick 6, covers an area of small 7, beautiful appearance.

The box-type substation has small footprint and short construction period and convenient operation and other advantages, widely used in landscape lighting, road lighting, residential areas, construction sites, airports, terminals, stations, squares, Box Type Transformer Substation industrial and mining enterprises and sports venues, such as temporary power supply and other outdoor places, has become the mainstream of China's changing distribution equipment one of the products.

The box-type substation is defined as a type of equipment used to transmit electricity from a high-pressure system to a low-pressure system. It includes Transformers, Box Type Transformer Substation High-voltage and Low-voltage Switchgear, electrical energy metering equipment, reactive power compensation equipment and connecting wires and ancillary equipment in the enclosure. The type of substation installed in the public accessible location, in accordance with the prescribed conditions of use to ensure personal safety and electricity safety. To this end, the box-type substation In addition to the characteristics, ratings and related test procedures, Box Type Transformer Substation but also pay special attention to the provisions of personal protection. This protection is ensured by the use of the components of the type test and the structure of the reasonable design and housing. Box-type substation, the official name in the national standard gb/t17467-1998 is "high voltage/low voltage prefabricated substation", which is called "High voltage/low voltage prefabricated box substation" in national electric Power industry standard dl/t537-2002 ("box-type substation")

Characteristics of box-type substation

1 Advanced technology and safe and reliable

2 Equipment Installation Plant prefabrication, short construction period

3 The combination of flexible and diverse, Box Type Transformer Substation versatile and strong interchangeability

4 compact structure, small footprint

5 Running Maintenance workload is small

6 Beautiful appearance, easy to coordinate with the environment

7 high degree of automation to achieve the unattended

8 small investment, high efficiency