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Five Anti-requirement Of HV Switchgear

Jun 13, 2017

installation procedure of HV switchgear cabinet:

First look at the inspection, for unpacking the switch cabinet, according to the design drawings and prescription carefully check on the quantity, specifications, inspection is not meet the requirements, high voltage switchgear cabinet has no damage, corrosion, check the accessories are complete. After opening the box will also check the factory certificate, prescription and internal wiring diagram and other technical information documents. High voltage power distribution cabinet after opening the box, according to the design drawings will be the distribution cabinet number, High Voltage Switchgear in sequence to move into the substation installation position.

After the Ark is placed on the channel steel, the application of thin-pad iron will be the high pressure cabinet level, and then one of the benchmark, to adjust the rest, High Voltage Switchgear so that all the high pressure cabinet face uniform, evenly spaced. After the bolt is fixed, the cabinet maintains 213 ~ Gap, and finally the cabinet is fixed on the base groove steel with fixed bolts or welding way. In order to look beautiful, High Voltage Switchgear weld seam to inside the cabinet, and not less than 4, each Director 801,100 ~.

Connect the bus. Switch cabinets of the main bus, instrumentation by the switch factory supporting the provision, but also in the construction site according to design drawings. The connection of the main bus, the connection of the main bus and the bus and the connection of the bus and the instrument are bolted, High Voltage Switchgear the power compound grease should be applied on the bus connection surface, the tightening degree of the bolts and the connection condition of the connecting surface, the torque wrench is tightened by tightening the bolts according to the specified moment

Installation of handcart type High-voltage switchgear cabinet. And the installation of fixed high-voltage switchgear is basically the same, the difference is to ensure handcart interchangeability. Every a handcart type of dynamic contact must be adjusted, will move, static contact center adjustment and close to ensure interchangeability. Check the high voltage power distribution cabinet two circuit plugs and auxiliary contacts, welding reliable. The electrical or mechanical latching device is correct so that the handcart can not be pulled out at the closing position. Safety clapboard opening and closing flexible, can be parked in and out of the car movements. The contact between the grounding device of handcart and the fixed frame of HV distribution cabinet is good. High Voltage Switchgear High and low voltage switchgear inside the control cable fixed solid, does not affect handcart move.

High-voltage Switchgear cabinet "electrical Five prevention":

The interlock of high voltage switchgear is an important measure to ensure the safe operation of power network, to ensure the safety of equipment and person, and to prevent misoperation. Gb3906-1991 "3 35 kv AC metal closed switchgear equipment" is clearly defined. Generally, the "interlocking" is described as: to prevent false points, false circuit breakers, to prevent load points, to close the isolation switch, to prevent the electric hanging (closed) grounding line (grounding switch), to prevent the grounding line (switch) to the closing; High Voltage Switchgear The above five measures to prevent electrical misoperation, referred to as "five prevention." "Five Prevention" device General division is divided into mechanical, electrical and comprehensive three categories. At present, there are many types of high-voltage switchgear in the market, and most of them have a perfect interlock way.

1, High-voltage switchgear cabinet in the vacuum circuit breaker car in the test position after closing, the trolley circuit breaker can not enter the work position. (Prevent the load from closing)

2, High-voltage switchgear cabinet in the grounding knife in the close, the car circuit breaker can not enter the closing. (Prevent the grounding wire from closing)

3, High-voltage switchgear cabinet in the vacuum circuit breaker in the closing work, the back door with grounding knife on the mechanical and door lock. (Prevent the misuse of the charged interval).

4. The vacuum circuit breaker in the high voltage switchgear is closed at work and can not be put into the grounding knife. (prevents the grounding line from being electrified)

5. The vacuum circuit breaker in the high voltage switchgear cabinet can not exit the working position of the trolley breaker when the work is switched on.