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Flexible Combination Mode Of Box-type Substation

Sep 14, 2017

The box-type substation is also called the outdoor complete substation, also known as the combined substation, it is developed in the the 1960s to 70, Europe and the United States and other Western developed countries to launch an outdoor substation of a new type of transformer equipment, because it has a combination of flexible, easy to transport, migration, installation convenient, short construction period, low operating costs, Pollution-free, maintenance-free and other advantages, the world's power workers pay attention to. Into the the mid 1990s, the domestic beginning of the simple box-type substation, the Ministry of Electric Power also formulated a ministerial standard, but not widely used, to the late 90, especially after the start of the rural network renovation project, research and development, Box Type Transformer Substation manufacturing technology and scale has entered a high-speed development, is widely used in urban areas, Rural 10~110kv Small and medium-sized substation (with) power station, factories, mines and mobile substations for the construction and transformation, because it is easy to deeply load center, reduce the supply radius, Box Type Transformer Substation improve the terminal voltage quality, especially suitable for rural power grid reform, known as the 21st century substation construction target model.

Characteristics of box-type substation

The box-type substation mainly consists of multiple-loop high voltage switch system, armored Busbar, substation integrated automation system, communication, Telecontrol, metering, Box Type Transformer Substation capacitor compensation and DC power supply, such as combination of electrical units, installed in a moisture-proof, rust-proof, dustproof, rodent, fire, anti-theft, insulation, completely closed, removable steel box, mechatronics, Fully closed operation, mainly has the following characteristics:

(1) Technologically advanced safe and reliable:

The box part adopts the domestic leading technology and technology, the shell generally uses the aluminum galvanized steel plate, the frame uses the standard container material and the manufacture craft, has the good antiseptic performance, guaranteed 20 years not to corrode, Box Type Transformer Substation the inner seal plate uses the aluminum alloy buckle board, the interlayer uses the fireproof heat preservation material, the box room installs the air conditioning and the dehumidification installment, Equipment operation is not affected by natural climatic environment and external pollution, Box Type Transformer Substation which can ensure normal operation in -40℃~+40℃ environment.

A fully enclosed high voltage switchgear (for example: XGN type) is used in a cabinet. Dry-type transformers, dry-type transformers, vacuum circuit breakers, spring operating mechanisms, rotary isolation switches and other domestic technology-leading equipment, Box Type Transformer Substation products without exposed charged parts, for all closed, fully insulated structure, fully capable of reaching 0 electric shock accident, the whole station can be achieved without oil operation, High security, Box Type Transformer Substation two times using microcomputer integrated automation system, can realize unattended.

(2) high degree of automation:

The whole station intellectualized design, the protection system uses the substation microcomputer comprehensive automation installment, decentralized installation, can achieve "four-remote", that is, telemetry, remote letter, remote control, tele-modulation, each unit has independent operation function, Box Type Transformer Substation the Relay protection function is complete, the operation parameters can be set far away, the humidity in the box, temperature control and remote smoke alarm, To meet the requirements of unattended, and to achieve remote image monitoring.

(3) Factory prefabrication:

Design, as long as the design staff according to the actual requirements of the substation, to make a master wiring diagram and the design of equipment outside the box, you can choose from the manufacturer to provide the box variable specifications and models, all equipment in the factory installation, commissioning qualified, Box Type Transformer Substation the real realization of substation construction factory, shorten the design and manufacturing cycle; on-site installation only need box positioning, Inter-box cable contact, cable Connection, protection fixed value check, transmission test and other debugging work, the entire substation from installation to commissioning about 5-8 days, Box Type Transformer Substation greatly reducing the construction period.

(4) Flexible combination mode:

Because of the compact structure of the box-type substation, each box constitutes an independent system, which makes the combination flexible and changeable, on the one hand, we can all adopt box-type, that is, 35kv and 10kv equipment installed in all boxes, the composition of the whole box-type substation; can also be used only 10kv switch box, 35kv equipment Outdoor Installation , 10kv equipment and control system box installation, for this combination of methods, especially suitable for the transformation of the old station in rural network, that is, the original 35KV equipment does not move, install only a 10kv switch box can achieve unattended requirements. In short, Box Type Transformer Substation the box-type substation has no fixed combination mode, the use of units can be based on the actual situation free combination of some models to meet the need for safe operation.

(5) Investment province Quick:

Box-type substation less than the same scale conventional substation to reduce investment $number to 35kv single main transformer 4000kva scale substation calculation, civil engineering (including land acquisition costs) box-type substation to save more than 1 million yuan compared to conventional substation; If the average load of 2000kw, sales profit of 0.10 yuan/. h, three months can increase net profit of more than 600,000 yuan; Box Type Transformer Substation from the operating angle analysis, in the box-type substation, because of the selection of advanced equipment, especially the operation of oil-free equipment, fundamentally and completely solve the conventional substation equipment leakage problem, The substation may carry on the state overhaul, reduces the maintenance workload, may save the maintenance cost about 100,000 yuan each year, the overall economic benefit is very considerable.

(6) Small footprint:

Taking 4000kva single Transformer substation as an example, the construction of a conventional 35kv substation should take up about 3000m2, and need large-scale civil engineering; The box-type substation, the main transformer box and switch box two box covers the smallest area can be 100m2, Including 35kv other equipment covers the largest area of 300m2, only for the same scale substation covers an area of 1/10, can make full use of the street, square and factory corners can be installed and put into production, in line with the country's policy of land conservation.

(7) Beautiful appearance, easy to coordinate with the environment:

The box shell is made of aluminum-zinc-plated steel plate and container manufacturing technology. The appearance design is beautiful, guarantees the power supply reliability premise, Box Type Transformer Substation by chooses the box type transformer substation's shell color, thus extremely easy with the surrounding environment coordinated, specially applies in the urban construction, for example: the Urban Resident Residential district, the station, the harbor, the airport, the park, Green belts and other densely populated areas, it can be used as a fixed substation, but also as a mobile substation, with embellishment and landscaping the role of the environment.

Application prospect and prospect of 3 box-type substation

In recent years, the box-type substation is the main direction of the reform of rural network and the construction of substation in the future, but there are some deficiencies in some aspects, which are embodied in:

(1) Fire prevention problem: box-type substation is generally sealed unattended operation, although all equipment oil-free operation and equipped with remote smoke alarm system, but there is still a fire hidden inside the box, such as: cable, compensation capacitor, once the fire, not conducive to ventilation, Box Type Transformer Substation also not conducive to fire fighting, Therefore, the design of automatic fire extinguishing system should be considered, but this will increase the manufacturing cost of box-type substation.

(2) Expansion problem: Box-type substation due to the volume and cost of manufacturing limited, the expansion margin of the gap is small, if you want to add in the original box in the interval is more difficult, it must be added to the box.

In short, looking to the future, the box-type substation in China's vast number of cities, rural areas, industrial and mining enterprises, Box Type Transformer Substation public building facilities will be widely used, it will be the advantages of its inexpensive and more people to use, so that China's power grid operation level of a new level.