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High-voltage Switchgear Cabinet Has Two Main Categories

Aug 02, 2017

High-voltage switchgear is a kind of high-voltage power distribution device which assembles related secondary equipment according to certain line scheme. The installation of High-voltage switchgear, protection appliances, measuring instruments, busbar and insulators, etc., often used in power plants and substation, used for generators, transformers and High-voltage line control, protection, measurement, etc., can also be used as high-voltage motor start-up and protection switch equipment. According to the different process of high voltage circuit breaker accessing main circuit, it can be divided into two categories: stationary type and movable type (handcart type).

Fixed High voltage switchgear $literal (f), this tamper-proof switchgear equipped with latching devices to prevent electrical misoperation and to safeguard personal safety, the so-called "five-prevention" ―― to prevent the wrong-hop, false-circuit breaker, to prevent the load pull, the isolation switch, High Voltage Switchgear to prevent the grounding line, to prevent the fault with the ground, the isolation switch, to prevent personnel mistakenly into the charged area.

Mobile (handcart type) high Voltage switchgear GC-10 (f), its high-voltage circuit breakers and other major electrical equipment is installed in can be pulled out and pushed into the switch cabinet handcart. High Voltage Switchgear When the breaker fails, it can be easily pulled out, pushed into the standby device, soon restored power, will not be due to overhaul the switch cabinet and delay transmission. High Voltage Switchgear It has the advantages of convenient maintenance, safety and high efficiency, but the processing technology is difficult and the price is more expensive.

High-voltage Switchgear cabinet "five-prevention"

1. What is the electrical five prevention:

1 to prevent false and mistaken circuit breaker (Circuit breaker with closing lock, operation instruction and corresponding equipment can operate equipment);

2 to prevent the load to pull off the isolation switch, isolating contact (circuit breaker operating state, can not pull out the isolation switch);

3 to prevent the grounding switch (circuit breaker working state, not to operate the earthing switch);

4 to prevent grounding switch in closing position of closing circuit breaker (grounding switch, handcart can not shake to work position);

5) To prevent the misuse of the electric interval (compartment charged, the door open).

High-voltage switchgear cabinets also have many designs for operators to provide judgment basis and prevent operator Misoperation. These designs are generally divided into two types:

1 double numbered and live display devices on High-voltage switchgear: only as a suggestive device. High Voltage Switchgear The device can provide a basis for the operator to judge the operation and prevent misoperation.

2 Mechanical Program Lock: Interlocking method is simple, reliable, direct and effective, especially suitable for interlock between multiple cabinets. High Voltage Switchgear This interlock provides five protection against operation safety during operator operation.

1) Various numbering signs and the electric display device of the switch cabinet

1, high-voltage switch cabinets are affixed with the double number of high-voltage switches, operators and guardians before the operation must check whether the high-voltage switch with the operation of the object to the corresponding.

2, High-voltage switchgear Cabinet Design stateful display devices and live display devices, High Voltage Switchgear operators must judge the actual state of the switch cabinet, and according to the principle of five prevention to determine whether the operation.