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High-voltage Switchgear Cabinets Are Highly Standardized

Oct 11, 2017

High-voltage switchgear is a kind of high-voltage power distribution device which assembles related secondary equipment according to certain line scheme. The installation of High-voltage switchgear, protection appliances, measuring instruments, busbar and insulators, etc., often used in power plants and substation, used for generators, High Voltage Switchgear transformers and High-voltage line control, protection, measurement, etc., can also be used as high-voltage motor start-up and protection switch equipment. According to the different process of high voltage circuit breaker accessing main circuit, High Voltage Switchgear it can be divided into two categories: stationary type and movable type (handcart type).

High-voltage switchgear consists of high-voltage circuit breakers, load switches, contactors, high-voltage fuses, isolation switches, earthing switches, Transformers, Transformers, as well as control, measurement, protection, conditioning devices, internal connectors, accessories, housings and supporting parts, High Voltage Switchgear such as a complete set of distribution devices, The inner space is used as insulating and arc-extinguishing medium for air or composite insulating materials, and is utilized as electrical energy for receiving and distributing electric grids. or used for the protection and control of high-voltage power equipment.

High Voltage switchgear is an important part of the whole switchgear cabinet, High Voltage Switchgear which belongs to the High-voltage switchgear with load switch, isolating switch and earthing switch. High Voltage switchgear refers to power system transmission, distribution, power conversion and consumption of the function of interruption, control or protection, voltage level in 3.6kv~550kv electrical products, mainly including high-voltage circuit breakers, High-voltage Disconnector and earthing switch, high-voltage load switch, high voltage automatic coincidence and break device, High-pressure operating mechanism, High Voltage Switchgear such as several major categories.

High-voltage switchgear cabinet by High-voltage Circuit breaker, integrated protector, High-voltage live display, grounding knife switch, high voltage current transformer, voltage transformer, 0 sequence transformer. Plus some common knobs, switching switches, ammeter and other components.

Structural characteristics of high voltage switchgear cabinet

1, the entire cabinet uses the assembled structure, High Voltage Switchgear the module hole installment, the component versatility is strong, the applicability is good, the standardization degree is high

2, the upper part of the cabinet is the bus compartment, the front is the electrical room, the rear is the cable into the outlet room, each room has a steel plate or insulation plate for isolation, High Voltage Switchgear in order to ensure safety.

3. The door of the cabinet drawer cubicle is equipped with a mechanical interlock for the operation handle of the circuit breaker or isolating switch, and the door can only be opened when the handle is broken.

4, the electrical switch, the contact switch and the MCC cabinet drawer has three positions: the position, the test position, the disconnect position.

5. Soft start Network switch cabinet on the top according to the needs of electricity can be installed bus bridge.