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High-voltage Switchgear For Enterprises To Bring Rapid Development

Sep 05, 2017

High-voltage switchgear design and low-voltage switchgear design is different from the high-voltage switchgear for high-pressure environment, and low-voltage switchgear for low-voltage environment, so the development of switchgear when the main work environment designed to meet the work of different environments, High Voltage Switchgear For enterprises to bring rapid development.

High voltage switchgear with insulating material, optimize the electrode shape, compact structure, small footprint

High-voltage switchgear outside the use of insulating materials to ensure the safety of the switchgear, will not produce security risks, to bring operational risk. At the same time, High Voltage Switchgear the switchgear design compact structure, covers an area of small, easy to use, to bring convenience to the project.

High-voltage switchgear adaptability, a variety of main wiring programs to meet the needs of different users

High-voltage switchgear adaptability is relatively strong, there are a variety of wiring, High Voltage Switchgear according to the needs of different users wiring to ensure the rational use of switchgear, and will not affect the user's use.

Functional, safe and reliable

High-voltage switchgear design is complete, no matter which part or which part, are designed according to high standards to ensure the safety and reliability of equipment to ensure that people work convenience.

High voltage switchgear features:

Cabinet structure using aluminum zinc plate by CNC machine tools using multiple bending process after the embacking;

All operations are carried out in the door closed state;

High degree of protection, High Voltage Switchgear to prevent the invasion of debris and pests;

Simple and effective "five anti" lock, to prevent misuse;

Can be equipped with VS1 and VD4 vacuum circuit breaker;

Replace the circuit breaker is simple, High Voltage Switchgear hand car interchange performance is good;

Cabinet wall installation, cabinet maintenance, reduce the area;

The cable room is plentiful and can connect multiple cables.

Circuit breaker room and cable room can be installed separately heater, High Voltage Switchgear to prevent condensation and corrosion occurred.