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High Voltage Switchgear Safety Performance

Jul 21, 2017

High-voltage switchgear is used for power system power generation, transmission, distribution, power conversion and consumption from the off, control or protection role, high voltage switchgear for voltage level in the 3.6kV ~ 550kV electrical products, high voltage disconnector And the grounding switch, high voltage load switch, high pressure automatic overlap and segmentation, high pressure operating mechanism, high voltage explosion-proof power distribution devices and high voltage switchgear and several other categories.

High voltage switchgear structure

High-voltage switchgear cabinet is divided into hand-car room, bus room, cable room and relay instrument room, each unit are well grounded. High Voltage Switchgear A busbar busbar room is arranged in the upper part of the back of the switchgear, for installation and installation of three-phase high-voltage AC bus and through the busbar to achieve the use of static contact with the connection. All bus bars are sealed with insulating sleeves. High Voltage Switchgear When the bus through the switchgear partition, with a busbar tube fixed. If there is an internal fault arc, it can limit the accident to the adjacent cabinet, and can guarantee the mechanical strength of the bus. B-handcart (circuit breaker) room in the circuit breaker room to install a specific rail for the circuit breaker car to slide and work. The handcart can move between the working position and the test position. The partition (shutter) of the stationary contact is mounted on the rear wall of the handcart compartment. High Voltage Switchgear When the handcart moves from the test position to the working position, the partition is automatically opened and the moving hand in the opposite direction is fully compounded to ensure that the operator does not touch the live body.

The role of high-voltage switchgear is breaking high-pressure circuit, high-voltage switchgear is the main equipment. Bus and cable is to achieve the role of connection, High Voltage Switchgear under normal circumstances the bus is connected with the system side, the equivalent of high pressure source, and then through the switch and cable connection. The load on the cable connection switch. Can be a transformer, can be a motor or other equipment.

High voltage switchgear is used for power system electrical cabinet equipment. The role of high-voltage switchgear is in the power system for power generation, transmission, distribution and power conversion process, the opening and closing, control and protection. High-voltage switchgear parts are high-voltage circuit breakers, high-voltage isolation switch, high-voltage load switch, high-pressure operating mechanism. High Voltage Switchgear Chong source of electrical production of high-voltage switchgear shell a lot of types, the following for everyone to introduce classification methods:

In accordance with the cabinet structure: divided into open high voltage switchgear, metal closed box type high voltage switchgear, metal closed interval high voltage switchgear and metal closed armored high voltage switchgear and so on.

According to the circuit breaker installation: divided into high-voltage switchgear and fixed high-voltage switchgear

1, high voltage switchgear structure classification

Metal-enclosed box-type high-voltage switchgear does not have a protective shield, High Voltage Switchgear but the high-voltage switchgear housing part is made of metal, metal-enclosed switchgear.

Metal-enclosed interval high-voltage switchgear safety is better, metal-enclosed armored high-voltage switchgear and the basic structure between the similar, the difference is only one or more with a certain degree of protection of non-metallic partitions.

Metal-enclosed armored high-voltage switchgear is a closed switchgear, which is characterized by the internal components of the main components will be grounded metal partition isolation. In a variety of high-voltage switchgear, metal-enclosed armored high-voltage switchgear is a better safety performance. The following are the following types of KYN61-40.5, KYN28A-12 (GZS1), KYN28A-24

2, high voltage switchgear circuit breaker installation method classification

Removable high-voltage switchgear is also known as hand-car high-voltage switchgear, which is characterized by the main components such as circuit breakers can be installed on the handcart can be drawn. The advantages of the removable high-voltage switchgear are the high reliability of the power supply, the common handcarts are isolated handcarts, metering handcarts, circuit breaker handcarts, PT handcars, High Voltage Switchgear capacitor handcarts and used handcarts.

Fixed high-voltage switchgear, as the name suggests is the circuit breaker and other electrical components are fixed in the switchgear. Fixed high-voltage switchgear has the advantage of simple structure, good economy, less investment one-time.