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High-voltage Switchgear To Meet The Work In Different Environments

Sep 14, 2017

High-voltage switchgear is used in high-pressure environment, so the development of switchgear is mainly based on working environment design, can meet the work under different circumstances, for the enterprise to bring rapid development.

High Voltage switchgear (High-voltage switchgear) is a High-voltage power distribution unit that assembles the secondary equipment according to a certain line scheme. High Voltage Switchgear The installation of High-voltage switchgear, protection appliances, measuring instruments, busbar and insulators, etc., often used in power plants and substation, used for generators, transformers and High-voltage line control, protection, measurement, etc., can also be used as high-voltage motor start-up and protection switch equipment. According to the different process of high voltage circuit breaker accessing main circuit, it can be divided into two categories: stationary type and movable type (handcart type).

Fixed High Voltage Switchgear $literal (F), this tamper-proof switchgear equipped with latching devices to prevent electrical misoperation and to safeguard personal safety, the so-called "five-prevention" ―― to prevent the wrong-hop, false-circuit breaker, to prevent the load pull, the isolation switch, to prevent the grounding line, High Voltage Switchgear to prevent the fault with the ground, the isolation switch, to prevent personnel mistakenly into the charged area.

Mobile (handcart type) high Voltage switchgear GC-10 (F), its high-voltage circuit breakers and other major electrical equipment is installed in can be pulled out and pushed into the switch cabinet handcart. When the breaker fails, it can be easily pulled out, High Voltage Switchgear pushed into the standby device, soon restored power, will not be due to overhaul the switch cabinet and delay transmission. It has the advantages of convenient maintenance, safety and high efficiency, but the processing technology is difficult and the price is more expensive.

Characteristics of High Voltage switchgear cabinet:

The cabinet body structure is made of aluminum-zinc plate by using the multiple bending process after CNC machine tool.

All operations are carried out under the door closed state;

High protection level, High Voltage Switchgear can prevent debris and pest intrusion;

Simple and effective "five-guard" locking, to prevent misoperation;

Can be equipped with VS1 and VD4 type vacuum circuit breaker;

The replacement circuit breaker is simple, the handcart interchangeability performance is good;

The cabinet body reliable wall installment, High Voltage Switchgear the cabinet front maintenance, reduces the floor area;

Cable room ample space, can be connected to multiple cables;

The circuit breaker room and cable room can be separately installed heater to prevent condensation and corrosion occurred.