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High Voltage Switchgear To The Project To Bring Convenience

Aug 24, 2017

High-voltage switchgear for high-pressure environment, and low-voltage switchgear for low-voltage environment, so the development of the switchgear when the main work environment designed to meet the work of different environments for enterprises to bring rapid development.

High voltage switchgear outside the use of insulating materials to ensure the safety of the switchgear, will not produce security risks, High Voltage Switchgear to bring people to operate the danger. At the same time, the switchgear design compact structure, covers an area of small, easy to use, to bring convenience to the project.

High-voltage switchgear adaptability is relatively strong, High Voltage Switchgear there are a variety of wiring, according to the needs of different users wiring to ensure the rational use of switchgear, and will not affect the user's use.

High-voltage switchgear design is complete, no matter which part or which part, are designed according to high standards to ensure the safety and reliability of equipment to ensure that people work convenience.

High-voltage switchgear according to the main wiring form, High Voltage Switchgear circuit breaker installation, cabinet structure, hand car installation location, insulation media classification type, "five anti" set the basic principles and requirements, fixed and removable switchgear difference , The structure and characteristics of the removable and high-voltage switchgear, High Voltage Switchgear the KYN-type metal-enclosed armored switchgear and the cabinet-type switchgear Advantages of XGN Type Metal Closed Box Type Fixed High Voltage Switchgear.

The high-voltage switchgear is divided into four separate compartments, the enclosure protection class is IP4X, and the protection level is IP2X when the small room and the circuit breaker door are open, with overhead line, cable entry and exit line and other functional scheme. High Voltage Switchgear After the various forms of power distribution equipment. The switchgear can be installed, tuned and maintained from the front, so it can be double back and back mounted on the backrest to improve the safety and flexibility of the switchgear and reduce the floor space.

High-voltage switchgear is used for power system power generation, High Voltage Switchgear transmission, distribution, power conversion and consumption from the off, control or protection role, high voltage switchgear for voltage level in the 3.6kV ~ 550kV electrical products, high voltage disconnector And the grounding switch, High Voltage Switchgear high voltage load switch, high pressure automatic overlap and segmentation, High Voltage Switchgear high pressure operating mechanism, high voltage explosion-proof power distribution devices and high voltage switchgear and several other categories.

High voltage switchgear is used for power system electrical cabinet equipment. The role of high-voltage switchgear is in the power system for power generation, transmission, High Voltage Switchgear distribution and power conversion process, the opening and closing, control and protection. High-voltage switchgear parts are high-voltage circuit breakers, high-voltage isolation switch, high-voltage load switch, high-pressure operating mechanism. High voltage switchgear classification methods, such as through the circuit breaker installation can be divided into removable high-voltage switchgear and fixed high-voltage switchgear, or in accordance with the different cabinet structure, High Voltage Switchgear divided into open high-voltage switchgear, metal closed box High voltage switchgear, metal closed interval high voltage switchgear and metal closed armored high voltage switchgear and so on.

High voltage switchgear has a safe and reliable chain device, to meet the "five" requirements: ① to prevent misuse of circuit breakers; ② to prevent the load with the isolation switch, that is to prevent the load with the push-pull car; (3) to prevent the grounding switch to send power, that is, to prevent the grounding switch in the ground position when the power transmission; ⑤ to prevent stray into the live separation circuit breaker in the test or work position, the circuit breaker can be divided operations After the circuit breaker is closed, High Voltage Switchgear the handcart can not move, to prevent the load with the wrong pull, push the circuit breaker. Only when the grounding is in the sub-gate position, the circuit breaker can be moved from the test position to the working position, only when the circuit breaker is in the test position, the grounding switch to close the operation, to achieve a safe ground switch And to prevent the earthing switch from closing the circuit breaker when it is in the closed position. High Voltage Switchgear When the grounding switch is in the opening position, the lower door and the back door can not be opened, so as to prevent straying. When the circuit breaker is in the working position, the secondary plug is locked and can not be removed. In order to ensure the safety and the interlock device is not reliable, must be interlocked to prevent the operation of the program.