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High Voltage Switchgear With Perfect Five Anti-function

Sep 26, 2017

High-voltage switchgear is used for power system generation, transmission, distribution, power conversion and consumption of the role of interruption, control or protection, High-voltage switchgear in accordance with the level of voltage in 3.6kv~550kv Electrical products, high-voltage isolation switch and earthing switch, high-voltage load switch, high voltage automatic overlap and segmentation, high pressure operating mechanism, High-voltage explosion-proof distribution equipment and High-voltage switchgear and other major categories.

High-voltage switchgear is mainly used in power plants, industrial and mining enterprises distribution and power system two substations of electricity, High Voltage Switchgear transmission and large-scale motor start-up and so on. Implement control, protection, real-time monitoring and measurement. Has a perfect five anti-function.

The function of high voltage switchgear is to break the high voltage circuit, which is the main equipment of HV switchgear cabinet. Bus and cable is to achieve the connection, in general, the bus is connected with the system side, equivalent to the source of high pressure, High Voltage Switchgear and then after the switch and the appearance of cable connection. The load the cable connection switch carries. Can be a transformer, can be a motor or other equipment.

High-voltage switchgear cabinet is divided into handcart room, bus room, cable room and relay instrument room, each unit is well grounded. A A-bus room is arranged in the upper side of the high Voltage switchgear cabinet, for installation and layout of three-phase High-voltage AC bus and through the branch bus to realize the connection with the static contact. All busbar with insulated casing plastic seal. High Voltage Switchgear When the bus passes through the high Voltage switchgear cabinet, the Busbar is fixed. If the internal fault arc, can limit the accident spread to the adjacent cabinets, and can ensure the mechanical strength of the bus. The B-handcart (circuit breaker) room is fitted with a specific guide rail in the circuit breaker, for the handcart of the circuit breaker to glide and work. The handcart can be moved between the work position and the test position. The diaphragm (valve) of the static contact head is mounted on the back wall of the handcart chamber. Handcart from the test position to work position process, High Voltage Switchgear the clapboard automatically opened, the reverse direction of movement handcart is completely compound, thus ensuring that operators do not touch the charged body.

High-voltage switchgear cabinet should have "five prevention" function requirements. Middle-grade mainstream cabinet type, mainly used in the following specifications. A, KYN-10 Indoor AC metal armored switch equipment (referred to as handcart cabinet) Handcart cabinet is suitable for AC 50Hz rated voltage 3-10kv center Point ungrounded single bus and single bus segment system of the indoor complete set of distribution devices for various types of power plants, High Voltage Switchgear Substation and industrial and mining enterprises as the receiving and distribution of network power to implement control and protection of the circuit monitoring.

High-voltage switchgear cabinets Meet the National standard GB3906 "3~35kv AC metal closed switchgear" and the international standard IEC298 requirements, and have "five anti" locking function.

High-voltage Switchgear main switch adopts ZN28A-10 series vacuum circuit breaker with CD10 series and CD17 series and CT8 series and ct17/ct19 series Spring actuator, High Voltage Switchgear according to user needs can also use zn28-10, ZN73 and other integral type circuit breaker, Isolating switch adopts gn30-10 rotary isolating switch, gn22-10 large current isolating switch and gn30-10 rotary type large current isolating switch series.