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Low-voltage Switch Cabinet Purchasing Skills

Jul 11, 2017

You should pay attention to a few problems when you choose the Low-voltage switchgear.

1. Clear positioning

Low-voltage switchgear is a complete set of products, at present, although there are hundreds of manufacturers, but its core components are mainly imported products, if encountered technical problems, equipment maintenance and replacement are more troublesome, therefore, in the case of ample budget, Low Voltage Switchgear should try to choose well-known brands, because of its sufficient stock, encountered problems when the solution efficiency is higher.

2. Enter the outlet way

There are two kinds of connection modes in the Switch cabinet: (1) The connection of the cable and cable room in and out of the line, (2) The access line is drawn from the top through the wall casing, Low Voltage Switchgear and connected with the bus tray bridge frame and the overhead line through the wall casing. There are also a few users, cable racks from the top of the cabinet to introduce, the cabinet connection, the top of the cabinet connection, another set of safety nets. When the user orders to provide a system diagram and standard scheme, Low Voltage Switchgear but the way out of the line can not be fully expressed clearly, the user should be on-site actual installation requirements of the technical Agreement to be described as well, to the site installation difficulties.

3. Correct selection of breaker breaking capacity

A system diagram, the selected circuit breaker, indicating the circuit breaker model, rated operating voltage, rated operating current must also be selected circuit breaker open capacity. There are user drawings, circuit breaker opening capacity is not selected, Low Voltage Switchgear so that the design of the factory to bring difficulties, the opening capacity to choose according to the system short-circuit parameters to select, if the factory does not understand the system short-circuit parameters is difficult to make the right choice. There are also some user drawings, regardless of the system short-circuit parameters, blindly choose to break the parameters, resulting in unnecessary waste of funds. It is very important to choose the broken capacity correctly, Low Voltage Switchgear so as to ensure the safe operation and reduce the product cost.

4. Cabinet Material

Low-voltage switchgear cabinet is larger, therefore, the cabinet material on the price impact is very large, in general, parts of the stent, such as the use of imported aluminum and zinc plate, and door panels are used 300 series of high-quality steel plate.

Want to buy a good suitable for the switch cabinet, generally in accordance with the above several aspects to choose there is no problem.