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Low Voltage Switchgear Components

May 27, 2017

Low-voltage switchgear appearance size and electrical components Quality inspection: In accordance with the advanced quality management theory, product quality only by the final factory inspection is far from enough. The new management theory emphasizes total quality management, Low Voltage Switchgear emphasizing full participation, the whole process of participation. That is, all the people involved in the quality of the product should be involved, including the design staff, material procurement personnel, production personnel, Low Voltage Switchgear equipment management personnel, training personnel, quality inspection personnel, marketing and after-sales service personnel and planners, of course, manager. The so-called participation in the whole process, that is, from the beginning of the contract, every step of the work, every process, until after-sales service, require a high degree of attention to quality problems, Only from scratch to the end of quality, everyone put their work and product quality linked, and seriously do a good job, product quality can be guaranteed.

 In the low-voltage switchgear assembly process, Low Voltage Switchgear after each large process is completed, must be tested to ensure that each process quality to meet the requirements. Switch cabinet assembly process to carry out four process inspection.

Low voltage switchgear function:

1. power distribution conversion

2. Motor control (also known as motor control)

3. Reactive power compensation

4. Protection of personal shock (direct and indirect contact)

5. Protect the device from external influences

Low pressure switchgear three important criteria:


"Low-voltage switchgear and control equipment"

Part I: Type test and part type test complete sets of equipment


"Low-voltage switchgear and control equipment"

Part I: Type test and part type test complete sets of equipment

GB / T 15576-2008

"Low voltage complete sets of reactive power compensation device"

Low voltage switchgear is a major component

Cabinet: switch cabinet shell skeleton and internal installation, support pieces

A low - impedance conductor that can be connected to several circuits

Functional unit: Low Voltage Switchgear All electrical equipment and mechanical parts (including line units and outlet units) that perform the same function