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Low Voltage Switchgear Distribution System

Jul 21, 2017

The main role of low-voltage switchgear is in the power system for power generation, transmission, distribution and power conversion process, the opening and closing, control and protection of electrical equipment. Low-voltage switchgear parts of the main circuit breakers, disconnectors, load switches, operating agencies, transformers and a variety of protective devices and other components. Low Voltage Switchgear Currently on the market a variety of low-voltage switchgear, but their use and structural characteristics vary.

Low-voltage switchgear is an electrical equipment, low-voltage switchgear outside the first into the cabinet master switch, and then enter the sub-control switch, Low Voltage Switchgear the shunt according to their needs set. Such as instrumentation, automatic control, motor magnetic switch, a variety of AC contactors, and some also set high-pressure room and low-voltage room low-voltage switchgear, with high-voltage bus, such as power plants, Low Voltage Switchgear and some also have to protect the main equipment Week load shed.

Low voltage switchgear classification methods, such as through the circuit breaker installation can be divided into removable low-voltage switchgear and fixed low-voltage switchgear; or in accordance with the different cabinet structure can be divided into open low-voltage switchgear, metal closed low Switchgear, Low Voltage Switchgear and metal-enclosed armored low-voltage switchgear; according to different voltage levels can be divided into high-voltage low-voltage switchgear, low voltage switchgear and low voltage switchgear. Mainly applicable to power plants, substations, petrochemical, metallurgical rolling, light industry and textile, factories and mines and residential quarters, Low Voltage Switchgear high-rise buildings and other different occasions.

Low pressure extraction switchgear (hereinafter referred to as the device) two joint design group according to industry authorities, the majority of power users and design units designed and developed in line with national conditions with high technical performance indicators, Low Voltage Switchgear to adapt to the development of the power market needs Low-voltage withdrawable switchgear with existing product introduction. The device was approved by two co-presidents in Shanghai in July 1996. By the manufacturing units and the use of electricity sector attention and affirmation.

Low-voltage switchgear device for power plants, petroleum, chemical, metallurgy, textile, high-rise buildings and other industries distribution system. In the large-scale power plants, petrochemical systems and other high degree of automation and computer access to the premises, as a three-phase AC frequency of 50 (60) Hz, rated working voltage of 380V (400), (660), rated current of 4000A and below Hair, power supply system in the distribution, centralized control of the motor, reactive power compensation using low-voltage complete sets of power distribution devices.