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Low-voltage Switchgear Is One Of The Most Important Parts Of Electric Energy

Aug 02, 2017

Low-voltage switchgear is a low-voltage power distribution assembly that will involve low-voltage switchgear assemblies, according to a certain wiring scheme. Low Voltage Switchgear Power and lighting distribution in the power supply system under 1000V. It also has two broad categories of fixed and extractor installations.

Low-Voltage switchgear cabinet Function:

1. Power Distribution Conversion

1. Power Distribution Conversion

3. Reactive POWER compensation

4. Protection against electrocution (direct and indirect contact)

5. Protection of equipment against external environmental impacts

Main component of low voltage switchgear

Cabinet body: The shell skeleton of the switchgear cabinet and the internal installation, supporting part bus: A low impedance conductor function unit which can be connected with several circuits: all Electrical and mechanical components (including incoming and outgoing units) that complete the same function have a standard structure for the construction industry and industry. Low Voltage Switchgear Sivacon is a distribution low-voltage device to the world, it can be used in the maximum rated current to 7400A of various levels of capacity, it can be used in both fixed-mount design, but also the use of extraction-type design. Siemens has cooperated with the local excellent and high standard low-voltage switchgear manufacturing plants to make them a technical partner in the production of sivacon8pt, Low Voltage Switchgear and the Sivacon Low-voltage switchgear, which are multi-purpose and tested through form, are completely brought to your side.

Low-voltage switchgear is one of the important components of power distribution, which plays an important role in the construction of modern power grid engineering. As an electrical component, Low Voltage Switchgear the performance of the switch cabinet is the unification of the mechanical and electrical. The performance of electrical properties is subject to the design of mechanical structure, and the quality of mechanical structure determines the level of electrical performance. Due to the development of the cabinet structure itself in various forms, Low Voltage Switchgear and different electrical components in different voltage levels, different use occasions, as well as the development of processing equipment, the manufacturing level of different manufacturers determine the switch cabinet mechanical structure and manufacturing by a number of factors, is focused on the Low-voltage switchgear structure and technical characteristics of the analysis.