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Low Voltage Switchgear Play A Huge Role

Oct 20, 2017

Low-voltage switchgear has high breaking capacity, good dynamic thermal stability, flexible electrical scheme, convenient combination, series, practicality, novel structure and high protection grade, which can be used as the replacement product of Low-voltage switchgear. Low-voltage switchgear for substation, power plant, mining enterprises and other Power Users AC 50Hz, rated operating voltage 380V, Low Voltage Switchgear rated operating current 3150A below the distribution system, as power, lighting and distribution equipment, power conversion, distribution and control.

Low-voltage switchgear is a set device for switching, which can control the power supply of the corresponding equipment well. For Low-voltage switchgear, its application is also very extensive, mainly in some power plants, petrochemical, as well as metallurgy and related textile aspects, and even high-rise buildings such industries will have a good application. Its practical function is to use as transmission, Low Voltage Switchgear distribution and power conversion. Related products are in line with GB7251.1-2005 "Low voltage switchgear" standard.

We say Low-voltage switchgear is still a lot of characteristics, at the same time these characteristics are its advantages, in the relevant fields of application, can play a huge role. Low Voltage Switchgear The following small series on the detailed introduction of Low-voltage switchgear characteristics.

1. Low-voltage switchgear design reasonable: low-voltage switchgear can be based on the escape, as well as the production of diagrams and other related switches electrical characteristics of its own to carry out the corresponding cell design, so that can be combined successfully unit.

2. Low-voltage switchgear structure general, the corresponding assembly is very flexible: C profile can meet the requirements of a variety of structural forms, but also can be achieved I view the level of protection and the use of surrounding conditions and other related requirements.

3. Low-voltage Switchgear standard module, can be composed of the corresponding protection, as well as the operation of the conversion and even control of these standard modules of the module structure, to carry out arbitrary selection.

4. Low-voltage switchgear security Protection: low-voltage switchgear has been used in the area of isolation, as well as functional units into the line and the isolation between the outgoing, Low Voltage Switchgear which can effectively improve the performance of the protection of security.

5. Low-Voltage Switchgear technical parameters: related to the main technical parameters, has reached the international leading level.

For Low-voltage switchgear, depending on the use of different models. GGD Series Switch cabinet: Generally in the substation, as well as power plants and factories and other enterprises such as the use of electricity users. Application environment Range is AC 50Hz, the corresponding rated operating voltage is 380V, Low Voltage Switchgear the corresponding rated working current is 1000-3150a distribution system. The utility is as power illumination and power conversion of power distribution related equipment, as well as corresponding distribution and control application.

GCK Series Switchgear: The application of the environment is in the exchange of the Hz, the corresponding rated operating voltage under 660V, the corresponding rated current of 4000A under the control of the distribution system, the main application of the direction is power distribution and motor control. Low Voltage Switchgear In addition there are GCS series Switchgear and MNS series switch cabinets and so on, their role is not the same.