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Low Voltage Switchgear Selection Skills

Jun 27, 2017

Everyone in the purchase of low-voltage switchgear when we should pay attention to several issues.

1. clear positioning

Low-voltage switchgear is a complete set of products, although there are hundreds of domestic manufacturers, but its core components are still using imported products, if encountered technical problems, equipment maintenance and replacement are more trouble, therefore, in the budget Circumstances, Low Voltage Switchgear should try to choose well-known brands, due to its adequate stocking, when the problem is more efficient to solve the problem.

2. Inbound and outbound way

There are basically two kinds of connecting lines on the switchgear: (1) The cable is connected to the cable cable, and (2) the inlet and outlet are led out of the wall through the wall and connected to the bus bridge. Overhead line connection. There are a few users, the cable cable from the top of the introduction of the cabinet, the cabinet connection, the top of the cabinet connection, another security grid. Low Voltage Switchgear The user orders to provide a system map and standard programs, but the way out of the way can not be fully expressed very clear, the user should be the actual installation of the technical requirements of the agreement to be appropriate to the site installation difficulties.

3. The circuit breaker breaking capacity is selected correctly

Once the system diagram, the choice of circuit breakers, indicating the circuit breaker model, rated working voltage, rated working current must also be selected circuit breaker breaking capacity. There is a user drawings, circuit breaker breaking capacity is not selected, Low Voltage Switchgear so that the factory to design difficult, breaking capacity selection should be based on the system short circuit parameters to select, if the manufacturer does not understand the system short circuit parameters is difficult to make the right select. And some user drawings, regardless of the system short circuit parameters, blindly select the high breaking parameters, resulting in unnecessary waste of funds. It is important to choose the open capacity properly, Low Voltage Switchgear and it is necessary to ensure safe operation and to reduce the cost of the product.

4. Cabinet materials

Low-voltage switchgear bulky, therefore, the cabinet material on the price of a great impact, under normal circumstances, parts and other support are imported aluminum zinc plate, and the door is used 300 series of high quality steel.

Want to buy a good suitable switchgear, Low Voltage Switchgear generally in accordance with the above aspects to choose no problem.